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Hugh Jackman Savages Ryan Reynolds' Gin And Calls Him A Complete F*****g A**e

Hugh Jackman Savages Ryan Reynolds' Gin And Calls Him A Complete F*****g A**e

The pair came together after months of back and forth over social media

By now you will be pretty familiar with the ongoing social media feud between two of Hollywood's megastars, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

For months the pair have been taking any opportunity they can to troll one another and sharing the humiliation online for their millions of fans to enjoy.

Well, in a turn of events, the two mates have finally called a truce to their war and made a special advert to celebrate the news. At least, that's what it was supposed to be but it would appear that not everyone got the memo.

The Deadpool star posted the short video to his Twitter page, with the caption 'F for effort'.

The clip shows the two actors sat next to each other, claiming to finally have drawn a line under the sand and put and end to the pranks, the jokes, and the japes. A day we thought would never come.

50-year-old Jackman says: "Me and Ryan recently called a truce on our social media war and we promised to make ads for each other."

Reynolds and Jackman finally decided to end their feud but it didn't go as planned.

"Yeah, we sure did. I've been working 24/7 on an ad for Hugh's incredible coffee company Laughing Man and he's been working hard 24/7 I imagine on an Aviation Gin ad so, I'm going to go first. Let's roll it," adds Reynolds, 42.

We then see the actor's advert, which shows stunning landscapes over the plantations where Jackman's coffee is made. He even praises his mate for his charity work, highlighting the fact that money from the sales of the coffee go to good causes.

The video then pans back to the studio, with a shocked Jackman and a proud Reynolds.

With a concerned look on his face Jackman then says: "I'm not quite ready to show mine yet, let's just cut it there. It's not quite finished. Coluor correcting and all that."

But Reynolds insists, and they do. Uh oh.

Let's just say, the Aussie didn't put quite as much effort into his advert as his pal.

Jackman's advert didn't go down too well.

The clip starts rolling and opens with Jackman sitting in a library with a bottle of Aviation Gin on the table in front of him.

It's a classy enough set up but things are not as they appear. Looking down the barrel of the camera, Jackman says: "Ryan Reynolds is a total fucking arsehole."

Then after a short pause, he goes on: "The gin is pretty great though... I'll have to try it someday." Before opening the bottle and pouring it over the table.

Cutting back to a stunned Reynolds, Jackman adds: "Sorry man, I didn't think the truce was actually real."

Well done, lads. Never change.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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