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Mark Hamill Managed To Keep Huge Secret From Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill Managed To Keep Huge Secret From Carrie Fisher

The 'Star Wars' actor managed to keep one of cinema's biggest twists secret for over a year.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Star War's Mark Hamill managed to keep the secret of one of Hollywood's biggest shock endings, not even telling his co-stars.

I'm not even going to say spoiler alert here, because if you don't know who Luke Skywalker's dad is by now, you clearly don't care.

Credit: BBC/The Graham Norton Show

Mark appeared on The Graham Norton Show to talk about The Last Jedi, when the host asked him about how he felt when he discovered that Darth Vader was revealed as Luke's dad way back in the 80s.

He said he was one of three people responsible for keeping the secret, a secret. No pressure then.

He took the task so seriously that even his on-screen sister Carrie Fisher didn't know about it. Han Solo/Harrison Ford wasn't in the loop, either.

He told Graham: "I had to keep it a secret for about a year and a half." Before adding that he couldn't tell Carrie because she well-known for being a rubbish secret keeper.

On the opposite end of the secret-keeping spectrum is Mark who managed to keep this under his hat all that time, with Harrison only finding out when the pair were watching the finished movie together.

'Stop asking, I can't tell you.' Credit: 20th Century Fox

I can't help but feel that this would have had a very different outcome if Reddit and Twitter were around back then.

Mark has recently took to Twitter to blast people who reveal spoilers, he wrote: People who disagree w/my politics are NOT my enemies- never block them never block hate tweeters (sometimes 'like' them to bewilder the haters) But got 2 tweets RUINING #LastJedi ending for MILLIONS & BLOCKED THEM INSTANTLY! #WhatIsWrongWithTheseAholes?" as well as sharing a meme about spoilers.

Luke's got absolutely no time for spoilers, OK?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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