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There's A Painting Of Lord Voldermort Dancing In 'The Prisoner Of Azkaban' That Loads Of People Missed

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There's A Painting Of Lord Voldermort Dancing In 'The Prisoner Of Azkaban' That Loads Of People Missed

JK Rowling is a mastermind when it comes to creating world. She spent years weaving a web for us that all these years later, we are still obsessed with.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Rowling is well known for her fanatical attention to detail - even the names have significant meaning and afford clues to the observant reader. Sirius Black who is an Animagus which means that he can turn into a dog at well. Sirius is the name of the north star, the brightest in the star in the sky that's also known as the dog star. And he's a black dog.


Similarly, Voldemort is French for flight of death. And what is the Dark Lord scared of? Oh yeah, dying.

So why is Voldemort in a painting dancing to The Fat Lady in The Prisoner of Azkaban? A sharp eyed fan spotted something amiss from a screenshot of the film.

Now, paintings get commissioned after a person has died and through a spell, the painting can speak and move from paintings to other paintings. And you know, dance.


So we have a couple of issues with this. This was in Harry's third year, before he even knew he had a godfather, never mind going on an epic quest to destroy the Horcruxes, defeat Voldemort and save the wizarding world. Voldemort was definitely not 'dead' - although he wasn't exactly alive either.

As any Potterhead will remember, Tom Riddle gets resurrected in the fourth Harry Potter book when Peter Pettigrew chops his own hand off, throws what remains of Voldemort into a cauldron and cuts Harry's arm and pours the blood in to make the grossest soup of all time. Until the Dark Lord pops out the cauldron, a corporeal human being, he hasn't been able to take on human form.

No one could really figure out how or even why Voldemort died when he attacked baby Harry until Dumbledore figured it out over a decade later. Voldemort had been so scared of death, that he had broken his soul into pieces and hidden them in sacred places (well, to him) around the UK. So when the Killing Curse rebounded on him, he couldn't actually be destroyed. He wasn't exactly alive, but he wasn't exactly dead either.


Warner Bros.

We don't know much about the spell that's used to imbue the personality of a dead person in a painting, but could it have been done as technically Voldemort's body was destroyed?

It's very tasteless to make a painting that speaks and thinks from the personality of a dead bigot of a megalomaniac - and incredibly dangerous.

Who knows what kind of mischief he could get up to? But if anyone is going to do it, it's got to be one of his followers. After 'The Boy Who Lived' got rid of Voldemort the first time, there were still a lot of Death Eaters roaming around free. And Lucius Malfoy slipped Voldemort's old diary into Ginny Weasley's textbooks in Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets, so why wouldn't he pay a magical painter to make a portrait of his old master? And as a governor of the school, he could easily have sneaked it in...


That's not out of the realm of possibility, but did no one notice the portrait of Voldemort hanging on a main wall, right near the Gryffindor entrance, too?

This brings up so many other possibilities. Remember how Phineus Nigellus Black had a portrait in Dumbledore's office as he was a former headmaster and also a portrait in Grimmauld Place and could move between them? Maybe Voldemort had a few paintings around the place and they were spying on Harry Potter?

Your move, JK. We dare you to confirm this fan theory.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Topics: Harry Potter, Entertainment, TV and Film, fan theory

Laura Hamilton
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