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YouTube Remove 'The Nun' Trailer After Complaints Over Jump-Scare Scene

YouTube Remove 'The Nun' Trailer After Complaints Over Jump-Scare Scene

You can still watch the trailer here though...

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

Not a horror film buff? Well, you might want to steer clear of The Conjuring spin-off The Nun.

YouTube was also one to give a miss to, for a few days, until the trailer for the new jump scare film was taken down for being too terrifying.

The six-second ad, which played before standard YouTube videos, was, seemingly, unthreatening, that was until the volume died down and viewers were surprised with the menacing face of the film's namesake Nun and a high-pitched screech.

The ad was enough to make viewers jump out their skin, so they took to Twitter to voice their complaints and warn others:

One person tweeted: "WARNING! If you see an ad on youtube with the volume sign being turned down and nothing else, ITS A JUMPSCARE for the new NUN movie coming out. Iadvise you look away and/or turn down the volume if you have anxiety or just straight up hate jumpscares, pls rt to save a life."

YouTube responded by removing the ad saying it violated the sites 'shocking content policy'.

They posted: "Appreciate you bringing this to our attention! This ad violates our shocking content policy and it's no longer running as an ad. More info here:"

The platform's shocking content policy is as follows: 'We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending or shocking users with ads, websites, or apps that are inappropriate for our ad network.

'Here are some examples of content that we consider or may be violent or shocking: Profane language, violent language, discriminatory terms or imagery, gruesome imagery, graphic images or accounts of physical trauma, gratuitous bodily fluids or waste, promotions that are likely to shock or scare, promotions that are capitalizing on sensitive events'.

The Nun/Warner Bros Pictures

Though the ad has been removed from the platform, you can still watch the full trailer of The Nun - that's if you can brave it.

The opening of the actual trailer shows things go from bad to worse - starting with a priest being buried alive.

The Nun is the fifth installment to the horror film franchise and is a spin-off to the film The Conjuring 2.

The film is set for UK release on September 7. If you dare head to the cinema to watch it...

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