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Movie fan notices Brad Pitt used real-life inspiration from 'Britain's Hardest Man' for legendary character in Snatch

Movie fan notices Brad Pitt used real-life inspiration from 'Britain's Hardest Man' for legendary character in Snatch

Can you see the similarities?

One movie fan has had a startling realisation about the famous Guy Ritchie movie Snatch after watching a fight clip of 'Britain's Hardest Man'.

Snatch has been acclaimed as one of Ritchie's iconic movies, with its dry wit and dialogue.

However, one particular scene stuck out to a Redditor who was seemingly a fan of both Guy Ritchie and Lenny McLean.

McLean, known by his moniker 'The Guv'nor', built a reputation for himself in the 1960s as a bouncer, bodyguard, and unlicensed boxer.

His reputation as 'Britain's Hardest Man' later led to a career in acting and business.

Brad Pitt as Mickey O'Neil in Snatch.
Sony Pictures

He was also an enforcer in London's criminal underworld during a period filled with big names. He was also known to associate with the Kray Twins and Charles Bronson.

So, quite a character to live up to frankly!

The scene in Snatch, which also stars Jason Statham, features a fight involving Brad Pitt's character Mickey O’Neil.

And the poster noticed that the movements and important moments in the staged fight actually appeared to mirror ones from an actual boxing match involving McLean.

They wrote: "I was watching an old Lenny McLean clip and realised that the 2000 movie Snatch, has Brad Pitt perfectly recreated the first few seconds of the clip identically.

"From the headbutt, to the touching of his nose, to his unphased reaction, to the right haymaker that knocks out his opponent."

You can see a clip of the fight here:

And commenters expressed their approval and surprise at the apparent attention to the detail in the fight scene.

One said: "That’s pretty cool, Pitt did a great job. He looks very small compared to the real Lenny though haha."

Another wrote: "The only difference is McLean wasn't expecting his opponent to have a glass jaw so he took another swing. I feel like Lenny was upset he only got to hit him once."

And a third posted: "Nice catch. I'd wager that Guy Richie watched the fight researching for the movie or at some point. It's an exact match."

It could well be possible that the makers of Snatch drew some inspiration from The Guv'nor himself when they were making the movie.

In fact, McLean even had a part in one of Ritchie's movies, having played Barry the Baptist in the1998 movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Whether or not the scene is actually based off him is still unknown, but there's no denying the similarities.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures/YouTube/@wyverntheterrible

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