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Chicken Run sequel viewers notice very suspicious looking 'chicken'

Chicken Run sequel viewers notice very suspicious looking 'chicken'

There's a terrible chicken on the loose and eagle-eyed viewers have been able to spot him

Back in my younger days there was one character from the movies that truly terrified me, and now it looks like he's back.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget has released on Netflix and some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a particularly excellent easter egg lurking in the background.

I never fully understood why this terrifying villain scared me so much until I watched Jaws and heard the line 'dead eyes, black eyes like a doll's eyes'.

Suddenly it clicked and I realised why I'd been so scared for all of those years, because I had stared into the face of cold, cruel evil and it stared right back.

If you want to stare into that face then the Chicken Run sequel is only too happy to oblige, as super-fan Luke Poulton spotted just that in a group shot one of these chickens is not like the others, sharing his finding to TikTok.

That's no chicken...

Yes, the monstrous Feathers McGraw who pulled a gun on Wallace and Gromit, aimed for their heads and opened fire (thank God Wallace has bulletproof lampshades) is on the loose and posing as a chicken once more.

The chicken disguise was a trademark of Feathers, accomplished by sticking a red rubber glove on the top of his head to hide his true penguin nature.

"No f**king way," one fan commented when they saw footage with Feathers in it, while another who claimed they worked for Aardman revealed they'd been just as surprised and 'had no idea he was there'.

Someone else called Feathers McGraw 'the most intimidating villain in film history', and you'll get no arguments from me on that front because he's right up there with the most terrifying and soulless psychopathic villains of cinema.

Another fan commented that they 'love the little details Aardman puts into their animations', and they really do have a marvellous dedication to it all.

This dangerous criminal's escape was hinted at back in 2008's Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death.

This isn't the first time the brutal criminal Feathers McGraw has been referenced in Aardman's beloved claymation films.

During Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave the wall of Gromit's cell had been carved with the words 'Feathers was 'ere', while in A Matter of Loaf and Death his escape from the zoo was all but confirmed.

Last we left him in The Wrong Trousers this pilfering penguin had been locked up in a zoo, but in a 'blink and you'll miss it' moment you can see someone has used a ladder and bedsheets to escape over the wall.

There's also a missing poster for one of their penguins, and if you look into those cold, sinister eyes it can surely be none other than Feathers McGraw.

Also note the other posters asking people to apply for jobs as lion keepers with 'no experience necessary', which is a joke you wouldn't see unless you paused Wallace and Gromit but is just incredibly funny.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget is available to watch now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Aardman

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