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Paddy Considine thriller with ‘one of the greatest scenes in British movie history’ turns 20 this year

Paddy Considine thriller with ‘one of the greatest scenes in British movie history’ turns 20 this year

The highly rated film is celebrating a milestone this year.

A Classic Paddy Considine film is coming up to its 20th birthday this year and it showcases how the actor was destined for greatness - even in the early stages of his career.

Well before his moving performance is House of the Dragon, the 50-year-old actor was making a name for himself by playing antiheroes in several British films.

The thriller is almost 20-years-old.
Warp Films

Released in 2004, the thriller was written by Considine himself alongside Shane Meadows, best known for creating This is England, and Paul Fraser.

The film follows Richard, played by Considine, a British army veteran, who returns to his hometown in Derbyshire after service.

He then comes into conflict with a gang of drug dealers in the area, who in the past few years, have been abusing his mentally impaired brother Anthony, played by Toby Kebbell.

Though Considine is best known for playing King Viserys Targaryen, or even evil priest Father John Hughes in Peaky Blinders, or as a recurring face in the legendary Cornetto Trilogy, his role in this particular film should not be overlooked.

Hailed as one of his greatest performances, the film is called Dead Man's Shoes, and it is turning 20-years-old in October 2024.

Shane Meadows is known for setting his stories in the grey, presumably uneventful settings of northern towns in England, with the plot leaving you hooked the whole way through.

And it's no different here, as Considine's performance seems to tie everything together.

However, there is one gripping scene between Richard and gang leader Sonny, played by Gary Stretch, with our protagonist being menacing and scary without moving at all.

Fans of the film have previously dubbed it as 'one of the greatest' in British film, with Considine using nothing but his words to dominate the exchange.

People have previously hailed Considine's performance for helping them 'taste the visceral loathing' that the main character has for Sonny, creating 'a scene of incredible tension'.

But it does take two to tango after all, and Gary Stretch has also been praised for his execution of Sonny in the iconic scene.

Fans rate the thriller very highly.
Warp Films

It's another one for the gritty thriller fans then, with a huge name like Paddy Considine spearheading its cast.

This scene might be the most famous in the film, but there are also other parts of the film which are sure to have you just as on-edge as this tense exchange.

If you're one for outstanding performances from an actor that will have your eyes glued to the screen from start to finish, then Dead Man's Shoes is one for you.

Featured Image Credit: Warp Films

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