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Deadpool and Wolverine trailer sets new record that's higher than entire MCU combined

Deadpool and Wolverine trailer sets new record that's higher than entire MCU combined

The Deadpool and Wolverine trailer is here - and it has set a wild record

If you didn’t know it already, Deadpool and Wolverine’s new trailer has made one thing perfectly clear.

Joining the MCU is not going to change Deadpool’s swearing or violence, with the trailer absolutely littered with f**ks, murder, and even an extended cocaine joke to finish it off.

This is a new direction for the MCU, a direction in which Ryan Reynolds gets to mock Kevin Feige directly and seemingly – say whatever he wants in the film.

The trailer does this so emphatically – it has actually set a record.

Have a watch of the trailer to refresh yourself of exactly what we mean (and notice all the blank spots where swearing should be).

The amount of swearing in the trailer is actually the record itself, with the salty language setting a record for Marvel trailers, and the MCU itself.

If you add up the swear words from this trailer – it is the most ever uttered in a Marvel trailer, across the Fox X-Men, Netflix shows, and as expected – any MCU films ever.

It’s absolutely littered with them - with six f**ks, one d**k, one s**t, a partridge and a pear tree.

This beats the previous record held by – you guessed it – the first Deadpool 2 trailer, and the Deadpool red band trailer.

Whether it’s Logan telling Wade to f**k off or Wolverine being told to get the f**k out of a bar – its unsurprising that taking the only two characters to have starred in R Rated Marvel films would come together like this.

(Marvel Studios)
(Marvel Studios)

The trailer, however, sets another record – one the film itself is sure to absolutely smash out the water.

The new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine features more f-bombs than in the entire combined MCU.

That’s 33 films, over 72 hours, and Reynolds has it beat in just two and a half minutes.

Now, this isn’t the most surprising news. Whilst PG13 films are allowed one F-Bomb in them, this is not something the MCU has ever really used.

Spider-Man: Homecoming features a ‘what the f-‘ abruptly cut off, and Iron Man 2 has a cut scene of a senator telling Tony Stark to f**k off.

This was before the first full f-bomb in Guardians of Galaxy, in a hilarious scene in which Star-Lord yells ‘open the f**king door’ at Nebula.

All of this to say, whether you count that as one or three, six is a hell of a lot more, and the MCU is clearly set to become a lot more okay with swearing if this trailer is anything to go by.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

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