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Scene in new 'deeply disturbing' movie is making people leave cinemas speechless

Scene in new 'deeply disturbing' movie is making people leave cinemas speechless

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan teamed up for the thriller that is causing people to flee the cinema.

Cinema-goers have been left cowering behind their seats and looking for the nearest emergency exit while watching the recently released Saltburn.

Audience members are said to have been fleeing their seats because of a few disturbing scenes in the thriller starring Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan.

Take a look here:

The movie, directed by Promising Young Woman Oscar-winner Emerald Fennell, has received mixed reviews from fans - although a host of them haven't been able to watch the entire thing.

Some were easily engrossed by the darkness of the twisted tale, but others have been left horrified by some of the actors on-screen antics.

Saltburn features some rather wild, explicit, erotic scenes - from naked dance numbers to a nude Keoghan humping the ground of a cemetery.

And let's not forget the bit where he ‘drinks’ Elordi’s ‘c*m’ out of a bath tub. Yup, unfortunately, you read that right.

The R-rated flick, also starring Richard E. Grant and Rosamund Pike, is described as a 'black comedy psychological thriller', which, according to some viewers, is putting it mildly.

Elordi and Keoghan have certainly left an impression on Saltburn viewers.
Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty Images

Saltburn's synopsis reads: "A student at Oxford University finds himself drawn into the world of a charming and aristocratic classmate, who invites him to his eccentric family's sprawling estate for a summer never to be forgotten."




Cinema audiences have said there is no danger of them forgetting it either, thanks to a string of eyebrow-raising scenes.

Social media users have been sharing their opinions of Saltburn as well as what went on in the cinema as they joined rows of fans to watch the highly-anticipated film.

People have claimed a legion of audience members swiftly made a beeline for the exit after witnessing Keoghan and Elordi's antics.

One said in a post on X: "Someone just walked out of Saltburn after THAT SCENE, and you know art is back when it makes people rage quit."

The Irish actor's bath tub scene certainly stuck out for some people.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Amazon MGM Studios/Warner Bros

Another said: "The best thing about Odeon Limitless is that I feel no compunction to stay when I dislike a film. I've added Saltburn to the list of movies I've walked out of."

A third added: "I can now add Saltburn to the list of movies I have walked out of! Long, drawn out and my god nothing happens! There are only 3 movies on this list, the other two are Unfriended and Tenet. Hated every minute."

A fourth wrote: "We went to see Saltburn (again hehe) the other day and a man walked out and never came back after the ehem…bathtub bit."

A fifth joked: "Shout out to the woman in my row who walked out of Saltburn before they even GOT to the mansion."

The general consensus is that this movie isn't one which you should take your mum to see.

Featured Image Credit: MGM studios

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