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Fans rip into new Netflix movie with big-name cast and say it’s 'one of the worst Christmas films ever'

Fans rip into new Netflix movie with big-name cast and say it’s 'one of the worst Christmas films ever'

It turns out that Best. Christmas. Ever! is a far cry from being the best movie ever.

Netflix’s latest Christmas flick has been slammed as one of the worst holiday movies ever.

Well, it turns out that Best. Christmas. Ever certainly wasn't able to live up to its name.

The Netflix movie sees a mother of two, Jackie (played by Brandy) send a cocky newsletter to her former friend Charlotte (Heather Graham).

However, in a twist of cruel fate, Charlotte arrives at Jackie's doorstep to discover if the smug mother’s overblown, excessive Christmas newsletters are all they’re cracked up to be.

But to Charlotte’s surprise, Jackie’s life is seemingly perfect, and she is forced to spend the holidays with her former friend's family alongside her husband Rob (Jason Biggs) and children Dora (Abby Villasmil) and Grant (Wyatt Hunt).

The movie was released on November 16, has already received a dismal 38 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.


And viewers didn’t take too kindly to the film either.


Best. Christmas. Ever. is currently trending, and not in a good way.

One user wrote: “#BESTCHRISTMASEVER is probably my the worst Christmas movie I’ve seen in a long time…”

Another said: “#BestChristmasEver on #Netflix. Just when I thought I’d seen the worst Christmas film ever. What fresh hell is this?!”

A third commented: “Yea this movie took an awful turn with zero comedy. All cringe.”

While another shared: “This movie was trash.”

But in the true Christmas spirit, others came to the movie's defence.

One wrote: “Just finished @4everBrandy Christmas movie #BestChristmasEver and realised @TheMaryLambert was responsible for it. Love to see it!! Congrats Mary! Great film with a great cast (and my fave singer of all time). Also, the Mariah touch at the end."

While another said: “I enjoyed the movie Best Christmas Ever on Netflix staring Brandy. Put that on your Christmas movie list.”

It’s probably not going to win ‘Best Original Screenplay’ at the Oscars next year, but we can get on board for a little corny holiday festiveness.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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