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Chris Pratt called out for 'not even attempting to act' in new Garfield trailer

Chris Pratt called out for 'not even attempting to act' in new Garfield trailer

The new Garfield trailer is here

Chris Pratt has been called out by film fans before his new role even hits cinemas.

The trailer for the new Garfield movie has just been released. Set to hit screens 20 years on from the original film, Pratt voices the legendary cat.

Plus, Samuel L. Jackson will star as a brand-new character, Garfield's father Vic.

Of course, the film is based on the popular comic strip about the lasagna-loving cat.

Directed by The Emperor's New Groove and Chicken Little's Mark Dindal, The Garfield Movie will also feature Hannah Waddingham, Nicholas Hoult, Brett Goldstein and Cecily Strong.

The new movie is set to premiere in cinemas on 24 May 2024.

In the trailer shared today (13 November), Pratt's ginger fat cat shares how he adopted his owner, John - it's not clear who will be voicing him just yet, but by the look of those named, it could be Hoult.

Before scranning his lasagna, Garfield warns: “I apologise in advance. The eating you’re about to see will not be pretty.

"And if you have young children, this would be a good time for them to leave the room.”

Ok, that's pretty cute.
Sony Pictures

Reacting to the trailer shared on X, many users were absolutely buzzing to see the return of the cat.

Plenty say they 'want to see it so much' as they call baby Garfield 'so cute'.

Others write excitedly: "WE WILL BE WATCHING."

Even though it's Garfield's least favourite day, fans say it's now the 'BEST MONDAY EVER'.

But not everyone seems to be so impressed, as one user writes: "Why is Chris Pratt not even acting he's just talking completely in his normal voice

"Like there wasn't even an attempt."

The Garfield Movie is set to premiere in February.
Sony Pictures

Another says: "Chris' voice acting basically comes down to 'me but pretending to be a character'. He needs to try flexing the voice a bit more instead of using his normal voice. It works alright here, but he's in danger of being one-note."


And others also echo: "It’s not Chris Pratt as Garfield… it’s Garfield… as Chris Pratt…"

Certainly not everyone is slamming his work, with one writing: "Chris Pratt's getting all the iconic roles lately and he's actually nailing it."

One also says: "I was originally not sure how I'd feel about Chris Pratt here, but his normal speaking voice is honestly not bad for Garfield's usual cynical and snarky demeanor."

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

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