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Harry Potter extra addresses Ron’s joke about her which ‘would have made someone cry for months’

Tom Wood

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Harry Potter extra addresses Ron’s joke about her which ‘would have made someone cry for months’

One of the child stars of the Harry Potter series has address a particular joke that Ron Weasley made about her character that would have made some people ‘cry for months’.


Samantha Clinch played Eloise Midgen in the hugely popular film series, and – as such – had to wear prosthetic acne 'for two years' for the role.

During one scene, Ron Weasley – played by Rupert Grint – makes a joke about her skin, which, if it was real life, could have been crushing to some people.


We'll come to that later, though.

However, explaining on her TikTok account how she felt about it, Samantha revealed how she dealt with the issue.

It turns out that there were both good and bad sides to being chosen for this particular character.

Clinch explained: “I play Eloise Midgen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Prisoner of Azkaban.


“Now, there is a question that I always get, and it’s about how I felt when Ron said this line…”

Samantha Clinch opened up on her Harry Potter days on TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@samanthaclinch
Samantha Clinch opened up on her Harry Potter days on TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@samanthaclinch

She then went on to show a clip of the film in which Ron says: “There’s something about to burst out of Eloise Midgen but I don’t think it’s a swan…”

Samantha continued: “How did I feel?


“I felt incredible!

“I was an extra one minute and then I was thrust into a trailer the next.

“It really was nothing quite like it, being chosen to play an incredibly iconic character and then getting to meet every single one of the main cast.

“I had my own make-up artist who followed me around with the Carmex [lip balm, we’ll have to guess]."


She went on: “I fulfilled my life goal of being a professional actress, and it happened to be in one of the biggest films in the world.”

However, it wasn’t all rosy.

“Now, the downside,” Samantha added.

“So, when I was cast as the part of Eloise Midgen, there was probably only about 50 to 80 of us on set that day.


“Everyone on that set knew that the acne was fake, so when we went back to Leavesden Studios to do the bigger – sort of – Great Hall scenes, there’s thousands of kids there, and none of them know that this acne is fake.

“Oh my God, kids were so mean.

“I remember walking from my classroom trailer, out of which we’d have breaks and stuff, people would whisper about me, people would actively move out of the way as I would walk past, kids would be laughing.

“So, after having the prosthetic acne put on for two years, because I did two films with it on, I was about 15 years old and I developed really bad acne.

“What a skin journey, grateful and lucky and privileged now to have the skin that I do, but oh my God, getting acne after having it in these films for two years was a wild ride.”

Clinch as Eloise Midgen. Credit: Warner Bros.
Clinch as Eloise Midgen. Credit: Warner Bros.

There was a lesson to be learned, though.

Samantha explained: “But really what it taught me was all about kindness.

“I’d seen through the mask of having acne, incredibly lucky to be able to take it off at the end of the day, [to] see how mean kids were during the day.

“It taught me so much about them, and it taught me about their insecurities and what they [were] really going through.

“A top tip for anyone who is going through anything that is kind of similar to anything that I’ve mentioned in this video is – oh my God – stay kind to yourself.

“Do not match the words of others.

“If you really can practice love and kindness to yourself, the rest will dissolve.

“You’ve got this.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@‌samanthaclinch/Warner Bros

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Tom Wood
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