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'Psycho gorefest' horror movie has 'unsettling' twist ending which left viewers fuming

'Psycho gorefest' horror movie has 'unsettling' twist ending which left viewers fuming

The film will make you think twice about staying at your friend's house.

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An old horror movie with an 'unsettling' twist at the end is still shocking viewers to this day.

The 2013 French slasher film follows Alexia (Maïwenn Le Besco) who travels with her friend Marie (Cécile de France) to spend a couple of days with her family in their farm in the countryside.

Once they arrive late, the duo are welcomed by Alexia's father (Andrei Finti).


However, as most horror movie go, a sadistic killer breaks into the farmhouse later that night and slaughters Alexia's family, including their dog.

The murderer then kidnaps Alexia while Marie attempts to hide away before trying to identify the killer.

Titled High Tension, you can take a look at the trailer below:

Things start to get a little more complicated when the killer stops at an all-night gas station to refuel.

This is when Marie hands Alex the knife before sneaking into the gas station.

The killer then viscously kills the store clerk with a fire axe, while Marie hides in the restroom.

As the murderer drives away, Marie follows them in the clerk's car.

The killer then pushes Marie's car off-road and runs after her in the forest.

After an altercation with the killer, Marie reunites with Alex and tells her that she has been in love with her all along

But while this is going on, police get hold of footage from the gas station and see Marie murdering the store clerk.

It turns out that, all along, the 'older man' chasing Marie and her friend throughout the film is... Marie.

Commenting on the bizarre plot, one viewer said: "Losing me with the nonsense plot then that stupid axe that came out of nowhere... ?

"Think the creators were more interested in creating gore than a good suspense."

"Watched High Tension on Prime. Maybe my least favourite plot twist ever," a second added.


"High Tension. The 'plot twist' made me so f***ing angry," wrote a third.

Meanwhile, others seemed to like the film, despite it making 'no sense'.

"High Tension is the exact kind of sicko gorefest that I love that I'm willing to ignore how the plot twist makes exactly zero sense," one wrote, as a second echoed: "Anyone ever see High Tension? Probably my favourite slasher film with a crazy plot twist!"

High Tension can be watched with an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Featured Image Credit: Alexandre Films/EuropaCorp

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