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Home Alone fans fuming after ITV cut out iconic scene for 'no reason'

Home Alone fans fuming after ITV cut out iconic scene for 'no reason'

Is Christmas really complete without it?

There are some things that Christmas just isn’t complete without.

Christmas dinner, presents, family, pigs in blankets, and obviously festive films (once you’ve finished arguing about what to watch obviously).

From Love Actually to The Holiday from How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Elf, we’ve all got our favourites.

And many of us can’t get through Christmas without watching one of the Home Alone movies at least once.

Except this year, there's something missing in the sequel (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York) that aired on ITV.

Turns out a load of viewers were fuming to find out one particularly iconic scene had been cut out for ‘no reason’.

Brits to X to rage about ITV cutting out the unforgettable scene where Marv is electrocuted by one of Kevin’s many traps and tricks.

Sharing the GIF of the moment Daniel Stern’s character flashes into a skull and back, one wrote: “What the f**k, ITV? cut out the funniest scene in Home Alone 2 where Marv electrocutes himself into a skeleton?”

And other users raged as they couldn’t understand why the broadcaster would omit the moment.

One put: “I was gutted, can't be because the now infamous meme, but surely it's not because it's too 'scary' either?!”

Another slammed: “Very strange, especially as that same ITV feels it’s quite acceptable to subject viewers to Loose Women 5 days a week.”

Others also claimed: “They cut out the staple hitting his nose too... turned it off from that moment..... pointless doing that to a 'classic' film that most of the planet has seen a dozen times...”

Why would they cut this iconic scene?!
20th Century Studios

“Can’t believe it, that’s my favourite part of the whole film,” another put.

One echoed: “I thought I’d dreamt it when it was missing just can’t understand why they didn’t show it.”

Many agreed: “100 percent the best part of the film.”

Plenty recommended heading to Disney+ as they say it’s ‘sacrilege’ to cut the electrocuting scene.

It’s a heart-breaking Christmas for viewers who ‘watch Home Alone 2 JUST for this part’.

Others were confused why they’d ‘cut this bit but keep the Trump part in’.

There’s plenty other great moments in the sequel though, I mean who would miss Piers Morgan playing the pigeon lady? Although he can keep denying it, we believe what we want.

And if you’re still after some Home Alone viewing time, there’s an incredible trailer for a fake film people are begging to be made.

LADbible has contacted ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

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