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Brits are having 'Christmas ruined' after turkeys go rotten just before Christmas dinner

Brits are having 'Christmas ruined' after turkeys go rotten just before Christmas dinner

Cheers turkey, kids are crying now

Sure, you’ve spent all morning opening presents and now you’re a few Bucks Fizz down absolutely loving Christmas.

But it’s not really Christmas day until you’ve had Christmas dinner – it’s the best part. No debate.

And yet it’s not looking so delicious for many Brits looking forward to plates piled high with turkey, roasties, veg, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, pigs in blankets… you get the picture.

While some might argue it’s the driest of the meats and avoid having it today all together, turkey is a British tradition for the 25 December.

After WW11, when farming became more efficient, the bird became a staple part of our Christmas dinners, rather than beef or goose.

So, people have been left pretty fuming as they’ve discovered their turkeys have gone rotten just before Christmas dinner. And unfortunately, it’s something that seems to happen to Brits every year.

Yep, as shoppers began to check on their meat and start prepping, they realised their bird had gone off.

'Christmas ruined'.

Taking to X one person complained: "Just checked my turkey I brought on the 20th dated for the 27th and it is rancid and slimey!!!! Nearly threw up from the smell of it!!!

"Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!"

Another added: "My three 'joints' of meat to serve 4 (food to order) are tiny and swimming in grease and liquids (see pics) and the vegetarian option has to be used by Christmas eve!

"I should have learned my lesson the year you sent rotten turkey."

Someone else said: "I collected my Xmas order today and noticed my 'fresh' turkey was frozen through. When highlighting this to staff, they were not concerned and assumed the fridge may have been at a cooler temperature."

Others thanked shops for the ‘janky’ turkey they’d received as they slammed: “Christmas dinner ruined.”


Many echoed: “Christmas Day officially ruined purchased this earlier and it’s rotten.”

While some Brits' Christmases were ruined by their 'rotten turkeys' last year, others - in typical British fashion - took much joy in the EastEnders-like drama building online.

One said: "Shaking with excitement for the 'Our Turkey is Rotten, [supermarket] has ruined Christmas' tweets."

"Our turkey was from the local butchers in Holyhead. It was literally AMAZING. I feel for #rottenturkey peeps - I’d be so gutted - surprised this happens every year tho," another said.

A final resolved: "Awful if you have discovered that your turkey is rotten, however, I do find it hard to believe that all you have left in the house is *checks notes* crisps and(or) beans on toast..."

Be right back, just off to eat my crisp butty for Christmas dinner.

Featured Image Credit: X

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