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Home Alone fans are questioning why deleted scene was left out of film

Home Alone fans are questioning why deleted scene was left out of film

Film fans can't believe the 'hilarious' scene ended up on the cutting room floor

Christmas just isn't the same without watching Home Alone, even if most of us can pretty much recite the entire script word for word by now.

It just never gets old and if anything, we're still left wanting more after all these years - which is why we all went wild when we saw that Home Alone 3' trailer which a film fan made to give us a highly sought after update on the characters.

It is also why a load of Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) fans can't believe that a 'hilarious' scene didn't make the cut and was left out of the iconic movie.

Take a look here:

Director Chris Columbus has got a lot of stick online for deciding not to include the comical moment between the Wet Bandits - aka clumsy criminals Harold 'Harry' Lyme (Joe Pesci) and Marvin 'Marv' Merchants (Daniel Stern).

Footage of the unused scene has been doing the rounds on social media and people just can't believe viewers missed out on what would have been an iconic moment in Home Alone.

It shows Harry and Marv driving about in their battered Dodge Ram van which was memorably parked outside the McCallister mansion while the pair did reconnaissance on the home they planned to rob.

Film fans raved about the deleted scene from Home Alone.
20th Century Fox

Although they may be criminals, it doesn't mean they aren't partial to getting merry and singing along to Christmas classics like 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' - but the legendary duo obviously put their own mischievous twist on it.

Instead of reciting the much-loved festive song, Marv and Harry sing: "You better watch out, you better not hide, if your doors are open, we are coming inside. Harry and Marv are coming to Town.

"We know when you're out dancing, we know just what to take, we know where all the money is hid, so come on and give us a break."

Their crime-inspired take on Harry Reser's festive tune went down a treat with fans, who thought the scene would have been a brilliant addition to the film.

People loved Harry and Marv's rendition of the festive track.
20th Century Fox

Home Alone fans shared their thoughts on the deleted scene on social media, with the main theme of the comments being people questioning why the carpool karaoke-like moment didn't make the movie's final cut.

One person said: "They should have kept this in the movie."

A second added: "Definitely should have left this in."

And a third said: "After 30 yrs why is this the first time I'm seeing this?"

Another person in the comments said they wanted a Home Alone director's cut – and even though it's been over thirty years since the film was released, I'm certain it would still break the box office.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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