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People are saying 'foul' Jacob Elordi bathtub water cocktail 'should be served warm'

People are saying 'foul' Jacob Elordi bathtub water cocktail 'should be served warm'

'Scuse us while we throw up.

If that Saltburn scene didn't knock you sick the first time around, someone has now created a cocktail inspired by Jacob Elordi's bath water.

Yeah. Dry January is finally starting to make sense.

Disguted TikTokers took to social media in horror when cocktail connoisseur @mr.consistent_ shared the tipple, which is made from 75ml lychee martini, 45ml gin and importantly, 75ml coconut milk, which drips from the rim of the glass.

If you've watched the particular Saltburn scene, you'll know why this is a crucial addition.

Most people are pretty repulsed by the drink, with followers calling it 'foul', while others reached for a string of vom emojis and some admitted they were 'speechless'.

However, it was one comment from someone suggesting it be 'served warm' that really tipped people over the edge.

"Wow," said one person. Meanwhile others simply called it feral.

If you're yet to watch Saltburn and have no idea what we're talking about, let me explain.

The film centres around Oxford University student Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan), who is invited to spend the summer with his super-rich classmate Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi) at his family's estate.

Released in cinemas last month, it's directed by Promising Young Woman Oscar-winner Emerald Fennell and also stars Richard E. Grant and Rosamund Pike.

There are heaps of questionable scenes (humping a grave, I'm looking at you), but arguably one of the weirdest and most viral moments from the film was when Oliver slurps up Felix’s semen after he masturbates in a bathtub.

People were disgusted.

Viewers were shook by the scene, with many making the crucial mistake of watching it with family members over Christmas, which is arguably more horrifying than the scene itself.

One wrote on X: “The bath scene in #Saltburn is going to haunt me for a week.”

Another said: “I saw it today and I don’t remember what life was like before Saltburn.”

While a third wrote: “I woke up in a cold sweat the morning after seeing Saltburn.

Another pointed out: “So many things in that movie are permanently cemented into my head.”

Many found the scene disturbing.
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Elordi recently spoke to Variety about that semen scene as he said: “I was like, ‘Thank God, it’s mine.’ I was very proud. I was very proud to have Barry Keoghan guzzling it like that.”

And Keoghan kept up the joke in his response: “He doesn’t text me back or ring me back.

“It’s so weird. He’s pretending to like me. It’s weird, man.”

We'll never drink a pina colada again, never mind a bathtub martini.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mr.consistent_/Amazon Prime Video

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