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Fans are all saying the same thing about Joker 2 trailer

Fans are all saying the same thing about Joker 2 trailer

The trailer for the long-awaited sequel finally dropped last night

So the time has come, the trailer for Joker 2 - Folie à Deux - has finally dropped.

And it's safe to say that fans have had a lot to say about it since it did. Check out the teaser for yourself:

It's felt like an age since Todd Phillips' masterpiece landed in cinemas back in 2019.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix - who won the Best Actor Oscar for the film - as the protagonist, it followed the pretty tragic story of Arthur Fleck, a party clown who's down on his luck and feels cast out from society.

So, much like any villain worth his salt, he goes on a mad rampage to get revenge on those he feels he's been slighted by.

But where are we five years on?

Well, as per the new trailer, Arthur seemingly has a new love interest in Harley Quinn, played by none other than Lady Gaga, and Phillips has decided to take the film in a slightly different direction: it's a musical.

Joaquin Phoenix is back as Arthur Fleck. (Warner Bros.)
Joaquin Phoenix is back as Arthur Fleck. (Warner Bros.)

Oh, and that part of it has not gone down well with a lot of fans, who feel very strongly about it.

Taking to X, one salty critic said: "Damn just saw the Joker 2 trailer... Sad to see how they've ruined the sequel to such a great movie... I f**king hate musicals.

"That being said it's probably going to be the best musical of all time and cinematography seems on point."

Another chimed in: "I'd be a lot more excited for The Joker 2 if It wasn't a damn musical smh."

"Why is Joker 2 a musical? who’s dumb ass idea was that?" asked a third.

While someone else added: Joker 2 - Trailer released. It does look slick. I have huge reservations about the musical concept.

"But it also looks super in keeping with the first. Either way.. it looks a stylish movie."

Not everyone was so horrified by the idea of the musical element, though.

The musical element has not gone unnoticed by fans. (Warner Bros.)
The musical element has not gone unnoticed by fans. (Warner Bros.)

Defending the premise, one user commented: "Joker 2 looks incredible."

"Lady Gaga looks incredible in Joker 2. man, i can’t wait it to see it! another remarked.

Others, however, just couldn't believe that Steve Coogan - yes, Alan Partridge - landed a part in the movie too.

Appearing briefly, we see his character questioning Arthur Fleck, and some just couldn't get their heads round it.

"I actually laughed out loud when Steve Coogan appeared in the joker trailer," put one, while someone else added: “The HOWL I emitted when STEVE COOGAN appeared."

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what lies in store, as Joker: Folie à Deux will land in cinemas on October 4.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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