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Julia Roberts admits she’s relieved new apocalyptic disaster film is ‘just a movie’

Julia Roberts admits she’s relieved new apocalyptic disaster film is ‘just a movie’

The Pretty Woman star said she was grateful to put down her script for 'Leave the World Behind'.

There's nothing like watching a scary film and reassuring yourself with the fact that it's only a movie - it's all just pretend.

But with special effects and CGI running rampant through Hollywood these days, it's getting harder to believe that the chaos we see on screen isn't actually real.

Just ask those who have already tuned into Netflix's latest release Leave the World Behind - or Julia Roberts - who starred in the flick alongside Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la Herrold and Kevin Bacon.

Watch the trailer here:

The Pretty Woman actress took on the role of Amanda Sandford in the apocalyptic disaster thriller, which was released on Friday (8 December).

The advertising executive from New York City is in search of a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life and the gadgets that are glued to us, so she organises a trip to Long Island with her family.

Her husband Clay Sandford (Hawke) and their two teenagers (Charlie Evans and Farrah Mackenzie) have barely unpacked by the time things start getting very weird.

Throw in a mysterious duo (Ali and Herald) who turn up in the middle of the night saying the rented pad is their actual home and you've got the recipe for quite the chilling film.

Oh - the fact that a tech blackout is underway and the characters face an epic fight for survival also adds to the tension.

Expect Wi-Fi outages, deer infestations, a roadside graveyard of Tesla Model 3s and beached cargo ships.

Roberts reckons she would fare quite well if a similar scenario enveloped her in real life, reminding fans that she isn't just an actress - as once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.

Roberts starred alongside Hawke as a married couple who's family trip goes awry.

She told Sky News' Backstage podcast: "I'm 56 years old - I grew up with, like, Triple A Triptychs where you turn the page on the map, and you're like, 'Oh, Dad, now we're going to get down here and… we're going to go [here]...'

"I mean, I can do it - I was a Girl Scout, come on! I am not just an actor. I can tie all kinds of knots."

I'm not sure how a square knot rustled up by a Hollywood icon would exactly help during Armageddon, but hey, we'll take all the assistance we can get.

Despite her confidence about conquering a global catastrophe, Roberts was left feeling glad that she could put down her script and forget about the spine-tingling plot in Leave the World Behind after a long day of filming.

The incredible storyline and A-list cast was centred around Rumaan Alam's 2020 novel of the same name.

Roberts added: "[I'm] just glad that it's a movie, right?

Her character Amanda faces a chaotic fight for survival in Leave the World Behind.

"I mean the book scared the absolute bejesus out of me, it did, and the movie, I think, is very creepy and insidious. And so get out there, people, get your tickets, get your popcorn!"

The actress said her character was 'interesting and more complicated' to play due to the layers of Amanda's personality.

Sam Esmail, the director and producer behind Leave the World Behind, said Roberts was his 'only choice for this role'.

He told USA Today: "Julia is the Michael Jordan of actors - so why not go to M.J. if you need to pull off something insane like this movie? Amanda is so prickly and so flawed, so you need great talent but also that undeniable charm for the audience to stay with her.

"I think her America’s Sweetheart persona is why this was exciting. After test screenings, some people said they could see her (character's) point of view about not wanting to let these strangers in so late."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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