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Sharks invade a plane in trailer for new movie that sounds like Samuel L. Jackson's dream come true

Sharks invade a plane in trailer for new movie that sounds like Samuel L. Jackson's dream come true

What's worse than snakes on a plane? Sharks.

A trailer for a new movie looks to be trying to outdo Snakes on a Plane in terms of aircraft-based disaster movies.

While one movie saw Samuel L Jackson lose it with those motherf**king snakes on that motherf**king plane, he'd probably want to be in the situation this movie throws at its characters even less.

As you can see, the premise of this disaster movie is that a plane crashes in the ocean with a big chunk torn off the side of it while it's in mid-air.

"Oh no, our plane has crashed into the sea! Hopefully there are no sharks nearby that will take advantage of the situation."
Altitude Film

Actually, that's oddly topical right now as that did just happen to a plane, though as far as we know no sharks were able to get in through the gap that time.

Anyhow, those who survive the plane plunging beneath the waves have only a limited time before the pocket of air they're breathing runs out.

While they consider trying to swim up and out of the plane and back to the surface there's a honking massive shark in the way just waiting for them to try it.

Check out the trailer:

Someone coming down to try and rescue them also seems to meet a grisly end on the pointy parts of a shark's jaws, so our cast of protagonists seem pretty screwed.

Hence the movie's name No Way Up, though they surely toyed with calling it Sharks on a Plane at some point.

Frankly, the movie looks absolutely ridiculous but with just the trailer out it's hard to tell whether it's the good kind of ridiculous or the bad kind.

What do you reckon?
Altitude Films

We don't seem to be quite in Sharknado territory as the cast (including the likes of Star Trek veteran Colm Meaney) appear to be trying to play the danger sincerely, but surely there's plenty of fun to be had in a movie about a shark invading a plane.

There's always going to be some interest in a disaster movie with a vaguely ridiculous premise and people who've watched the trailer reckon they started with the idea of a shark getting into a plane and worked from there.

"Hey losers, what's going on in here?"
Altitude Film

They said it 'looks ridiculous tbh, but I'm in', while another said the film was 'so dumb but at the same time so entertaining' and a third said they would be 'rooting for the shark'.

Another said 'Samuel L Jackson should have been in this movie' and given his experience dealing with dangerous creatures on planes, it's hard to argue.

Someone else wondered how the plane was able to sink to the bottom of the sea in basically intact condition as it should 'disintegrate', but as Harrison Ford said to Mark Hamill, it 'ain't that kind of movie.

Featured Image Credit: Altitude Films

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