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Oppenheimer fans annoyed after nude Florence Pugh scene gets censored

Oppenheimer fans annoyed after nude Florence Pugh scene gets censored

Despite the film having huge Oscar buzz, some countries have digitally altered Oppenheimer and censored a scene starring Florence Pugh

Contains spoilers for Oppenheimer

It might have insane Oscar buzz right now, but that hasn’t stopped some countries from editing Oppenheimer.

The film has already proved controversial, as it’s based on the real-life physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his part in creating the first atomic bomb.

There’s also been a firestorm over its explicit sex scenes, with some countries even digitally covering up actor Florence Pugh.

The film has been censored in some countries for breaking nudity rules.

For those who missed out on Barbenheimer, Pugh plays psychiatrist Jean Tatlock who has an intense love affair with the titular scientist.

Despite both her and lead actor Cillian Murphy appearing nude on screen, many countries objected to the scene.

The biopic sees Pugh appear topless as her character, a Communist Party member, tries to seduce her former lover and learn more about the infamous Manhattan Project.

In India and the Middle East though, the scene has been digitally altered to have a simple black dress draped over her.

Meanwhile, other countries have opted to cut the scene entirely due to strict rules around nudity on screen.

While it’s not the first movie to be censored in order to gain certification, many fans have pointed out that the scene shouldn’t have been edited as it is vital to Oppenheimer's plot.

Pugh final scene has been digitally altered.

If you haven’t seen the Christopher Nolan biopic, the scene shows the last meeting between Tatlock and Oppenheimer before she tragically takes her own life.

The incident is then brought up during an investigation, with the affair being a key reason why Oppenheimer is accused of being a communist.

Their love affair also acts as a catalyst for the breakdown of his relationship with his wife Kitty (Emily Blunt).

Understandably, it’s left some fans rather frustrated as it’s left a major plot hole in the Oscar-worthy biopic.

One even pointedly wrote on Twitter: “I am pretty sure the censor board of nepal cut the nude scene of "Oppenheimer" just because its a nude scene and didn't actually watch the movie, hence did not know its significance. Great job!”

Others revealed that the scene had been digitally altered, as it was just too important to cut.

“In Malaysia, they deleted both 1st and second sex scenes because they didn't add anything to the plot (it was an R rated movie, I paid to see that),” the fan explained, adding: “But they couldn't delete this scene because it's important to the plot so they choose to cover her.”

Featured Image Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Lotus/Universal Pictures

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