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Fans brand massively 'underrated' Robin Williams movie one of his best ever

Fans brand massively 'underrated' Robin Williams movie one of his best ever

Fans of the late and great actor reckon one of his most underrated films is some of his best work

Robin Williams had the Midas Touch when it came to movies - pretty much every single one he had the pleasure of starring in would be a box office hit.

His career in showbiz - which spanned nearly four decades - was filled with incredible success, but not all of his films got the credit they deserved over the years.

Williams' versatility on screen is undeniable - from Dead Poets Society, Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji and Good Will Hunting, it seemed like the star could take on any character and make every script his own.

But fans of Williams reckon that one of his films which flew under the radar is one of his best works, rather than the classics we all know and love.

And even though it came out 25 years ago, it's somewhat even more relevant these days as we navigate the advancements in artificial intelligence and other technology as well as the constant discussions around humanity, freedom and mortality.

Take a look at the trailer for Williams' ridiculously 'underrated' movie:

The late 63-year-old wasn't one to shy away from tough subjects and he really got his hands dirty with some of society's biggest issues in Bicentennial Man.

Slavery, prejudice, sex, love and conformity were all big themes in the movie where he reportedly shaved off all his body hair to slip into a gold robot suit to star as a NDR-114 android, Andrew.

Williams proved he really could do anything when he starred in the 1999 flick as the robot who is purchased by the forward-thinking Martin family to act as their mechanical maid who completes household tasks.

Although he is meant to be a hunk of metal that's dead behind the eyes, Andrew soon realises he is no ordinary robot and begins to experience emotions as well as discovering he has quite a creative flair.

Robin Williams fans say Bicentennial Man is one of his best performances.
Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Bicentennial Man follows Andrew's development from a mere robot into a living, feeling, person who wants to win legal recognition for others like him all over the world - and it's a tear jerker to say the least.

Plenty of big names worked on Bicentennial Man too, including director Chris Columbus and it was the last work of production designer legend Norman Reynolds, best known for his work on the Star Wars films.

Most people would reckon this is a recipe for success, but the sci-fi comedy-drama bizarrely bombed at the box office when it was released back in 1999.

The legendary actor stars as NDR-114 robot Andrew in the 1999 movie.
Columbia Pictures

However, fans of the comedian still have great admiration for his performance and reckon its the perfect watch for people looking for a Robin Williams fix.

One social media user said: "Bicentennial Man is my favourite Robin Williams movie!! I love that movie. It’s very underrated."

Another wrote: "Bicentennial Man is underrated by some but one of the greatest acting performances by Robin Williams."

A third added: "The film is worth a look. Williams is the primary reason. His performance has heart, brains and courage."

A fourth wrote: "Bicentennial Man was my favorite Robin Williams film, bawl every time. It also follows the written book form closest of any movie I've ever seen!"

And a fifth chimed in: "Bicentennial Man definitely gets me because Robin Williams is trying to please his family & become accepted as human throughout the movie."

Featured Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

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