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Robin Williams Improvised One Of The Funniest Scenes In 'Good Will Hunting'

Robin Williams Improvised One Of The Funniest Scenes In 'Good Will Hunting'

Just when you think you've heard every story about what an amazing actor, comedian and person Robin Williams was a new story seems to pop up and reminds us all again.

Oscar-winning flick Good Will Hunting, starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck was pretty much an instant classic as soon as it was released, making huge stars of Damon and Affleck, but for many people it was Williams who stole the show as therapist Dr Sean Maguire.

One of the film's most touching scenes is the one in which Will opens up to Sean about not wanting to find out that the woman he likes isn't perfect; prompting Sean to explain to him that it's those 'idiosyncrasies' or 'imperfections' that make us who we are.


But what you might not know is that the scene was completely ad-libbed by Williams. In the original script Sean was supposed to share a story about how his wife would turn off the alarm clock in the night, making him late for work. Instead, Williams spoke about his wife farting in her sleep- one time so loud that it woke the dog up, which woke her up.

In the script, after Sean finishes his story about alarm clocks and closets, the directions are: "Will smiles, Sean takes a beat."

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However, in the version we eventually got to see on film, as Williams continues with his ad-lib story about farting and waking herself up, both men begin to laugh uncontrollably. From Damon that's a genuine laugh, because he had no idea that Williams was going to come out with it and, other than being slightly on the back-foot, he seemed to find the whole thing pretty bloody funny.


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In fact, it's so funny, that around about the one-minute mark many eagle-eyed viewers reckon you can actually see the camera shake a little as the cameraman - also completely new to this story - laughs along with the cast.

Following Williams' death in 2014, the Boston Public Park bench used in the film during a scene where Sean tells Will he needs to go out and live his life, became a memorial spot for the late actor, with fans leaving messages, balloons and floral tributes.

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