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Rowan Atkinson 'set to return' as Johnny English once more

Rowan Atkinson 'set to return' as Johnny English once more

The bumbling spy is supposedly coming back to our screens

A fourth film in the Johnny English spy franchise is reportedly due to go into production this year with Rowan Atkinson 'set to return' as the bumbling secret agent.

Yes, according to Screen Daily another Johnny English film is in the works and they claim that filming will start in the UK and Malta in June.

There's no details on the plot as of yet, but if the previous instalments are anything to go by then Johnny will be out of the spy world before some kind of disaster pulls him back in, with lots of physical comedy along the way.

How much action or rough and tumble Atkinson would be getting into remains to be seen, with the actor and comedian now 69 years old, but the Johnny English films have always found ways around that.

Anyone who watched Johnny English Reborn will remember the chase sequence which spoofed the parkour scene from Casino Royale as Johnny was basically able to stroll his way through the action.

It sounds like a fourth Johnny English film will be shot this summer.
Mike Marsland/WireImage

It's been 21 years since the first Johnny English movie released and this franchise has been going on for quite a while all things considered.

Still, the movies have made a decent amount of money and audiences are pretty much always happy to see Atkinson and his brilliant brand of physical comedy again.

Back when he was promoting Johnny English Strikes Again in 2018 Atkinson was doing a Reddit AMA where he was asked whether he'd be doing any more of the spy movies after the third one.

"I doubt it but thank you very much for implying you'd like to see another one. But at the same time...never say never ;)" was his answer, so there you go.

Johnny English isn't the only one of Rowan Atkinson's characters who will be coming back to our screens after several years away.

Atkinson has said his brand of physical comedy is 'more timeless'.
Visual China Group via Getty Images

While Atkinson won't be on the screen directly he will be working on another season of Mr Bean: The Animated Series which is set to release next year and mark 35 years since the Mr Bean series was on.

Atkinson had previously indicated that he was likely done with the character, though he also thought that for Johnny English, but he welcomed the chance to crack on with some animation.

He said: "I have always enjoyed this iteration of the Mr Bean character and the particular freedoms he has in animated form.

"We can take him into space or down a tin mine, without me personally having to suffer the consequences.

"The animation process creatively is always fascinating and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the new series very much."

Featured Image Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Universal

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