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Saltburn mansion's TikTok problem as owner speaks out over trespassers

Saltburn mansion's TikTok problem as owner speaks out over trespassers

He's not too happy with the attention

Saltburn has been a global success since its release last year and arrival on Amazon's Prime Video. But one man who would wish it would die down is the owner of the massive mansion in which the film is set.

The 2023 flick stars Barry Keoghan as the leading man, portraying scouser Oliver Quick as he struggles to fit in at the University of Oxford due a class and culture divide with his fellow students.

But after becoming mates with Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), an affluent and popular student, he is welcomed into Felix's friendship group.

The pair become close, with Oli invited to spend the summer at Felix's family home in the country, called Saltburn.

He accepts and what follows is a dark and humorous thriller, filled with debauchery and wrongdoing.

The ending to the film went viral due to a certain Sophie Ellis-Bextor inspired dance scene that rich people have since gone on to emulate themselves across social media in a move that 'totally misses the point', viewers say.

Barry Keoghan in Saltburn.
Prime Video

The majority of the Amazon Prime film is set and filmed at the Saltburn manor house, a real life Grade I-listed 700-year-old country home in southern England.

It's actual name is Drayton House and is owned by real aristocrat Charles Stopford Sackville.

But Sackville, 63, has been forced to bring in security patrols around his massive estate due to the rise in popularity of the film and subsequently, fans wanting to see the manor house in person.

The process has been 'quite weird', he said; something he 'doesn't take as flattering'.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, he said: "I never envisaged the amount of interest there would be. It’s quite weird.

The Saltburn manor in the film.
Prime Video

"I don’t take it as flattering. How would you feel if people were taking pictures outside your house?

"I’d prefer the interest to blow over but I can’t make it blow over."

Any bit of down time, mainly weekends, sees people flock to the house with it constantly appearing in TikTok videos as the 'real life Saltburn house'.

Some have even offered guides telling you exactly how to get to Drayton House, which boasts 127 rooms, with one video being watched by more than 400,000 people.

Barry Keoghan.
Prime Video

Sackville revealed more than 50 people were 'a bit inquisitive' and had strayed off public paths and on to his private grounds.

The location of the Northamptonshire house was kept secret when promoting the film, as part of the deal to film there.

But as with most things in the public eye, nothing stays unknown for long.

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

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