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Saw 11 has been officially announced and it will drop next year

Saw 11 has been officially announced and it will drop next year

The game continues.

Just when you thought Saw X was going to bookend one of the most intense film franchises ever, they've gone and added another one.

It looks like the game isn't over yet as an 11th movie has been officially announced.

The official social media accounts for the franchise posted a message to its fans, saying we can expect the sequel next year.

We'll get to feast our eyes and ears on the new material on September 27.

Fans couldn't get enough of the news and are hoping this won't be the end.

"We back to yearly saw movies? What is this the 2000s?! I'm living for it!" said one person.

Another added: "CRYING… THROWING UP."


Saw X saw Tobin Bell reprise his legendary role of John Kramer/Jigsaw and it was set in between the first and second film.

It saw Kramer go to Mexico to get an experimental cancer treatment, however it was all one big scam and the serial killer's health wasn't fix.

In true Jigsaw fashion, he sought revenge on all the people involved in the shoddy treatment.

Viewers called it one of, if not the best film in the whole franchise and they praised how gory all the traps were.

There's no word on when Saw XI will be set in terms of the franchise's chronology.

We could be getting another movie in between the first and second one as we see what happens when Kramer escapes with Amanda and Carlos.

Or, we could be seeing something entirely different.

Who knows, maybe we could be getting another 10 films that are all in between the original 10.

The filmmakers could go in any direction.

Saw X producers Mark Burg told Dexerto he was open to making the game go on for a while.

“Saw X ends where I think the audience will want to know what happens, and there’s kind of a cliffhanger ending," he said.

"And there’s a great scene at the end of the credits, so we hope people will stick around.

“There’s a couple of easter eggs, a couple of surprises in this movie.

"And, should this movie work, there are going to be a bunch of actors from the past who have already called wanting to know if they can come and be in the next movie since we’re going back in time.”

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