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Tactical Nuke To Return For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Tactical Nuke To Return For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Good news for Call of Duty fans, it looks as if the Tactical Nuke is going to be available to use in the forthcoming Modern Warfare multiplayer game.

Yes, if you manage to record a killstreak of 25 consecutive kills you'll have the opportunity to explode a gigantic nuclear bomb across the entirety of the map.

This exciting - if you're into this sort of thing, anyway - news was announced on the official Call of Duty Twitter account who simply said: "THE. NUKE. IS. BACK."


They accompanied that with the now iconic white light that indicates that the bomb has been dropped.

Killstreaks haven't played that much of a part in the Call of Duty franchise since WWII back in 2017, and even then there was only one.

That means that gamers worldwide will be salivating at the prospect of incinerating their opponents with fusion-powered hatred. Well, more so than usual, at the very least.


As mentioned earlier, the Tactical Nuke requires a killstreak of 25 kills - or 24 if you've got the Hardline Perk - that, once reached, unlocks a ten second long countdown.

Once that countdown expires, time slows down, all of the killstreak rewards and vehicles on map explode, and everyone - yes, even you - ends up dead.

The bonus is that it always ends in an automatic win for the user and their team, regardless of the score at the time of detonation.

That is, unless you're in a Free For All, when even a Nuke won't help you if an enemy has a higher score than you.


Anyway, if all this talk of nuclear death is getting you excited, how about watching the trailer for the forthcoming multiplayer?


Fans are already excited about the game and have been taking to Twitter to express their delight.

One said: "Best trailer I've seen come from Call of Duty. So f***ing gassed to play this."


Another wrote: "OK this is the first Call of Duty game I've been stoked for in a while. The inclusion of 'Enter the Sandman' as the soundtrack of the trailer. Perfection."

While a third added: "Aw hell yeah, now this is the s*** I've been waiting for!"

The beta version arrives on 12 September, with the full release to follow on 25 October 2019.

Get ready for war.

Featured Image Credit: Activision/Infinity Ward

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Tom Wood
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