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Rumoured cost of GTA 6 when it releases in 2025

Rumoured cost of GTA 6 when it releases in 2025

There are some rumours going round about the hefty amount GTA 6 could cost

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI is finally here, albeit a little bit earlier than we expected after someone leaked it online and Rockstar decided to post the real thing in response.

While the trailer has released a bit early gamers are having a wonderful time taking in the sights of Vice City, the setting for the sixth game in the series.

Watch the trailer:

However, we'll all have to do a bit of waiting before the thing is actually out as we've been told it's going to be releasing in 2025.

The trailer might have been dropped early but we probably can't say the same about the actual game, so now we wait and eagerly devour any updates or fresh looks at GTA 6 that Rockstar throws our way.

Spare a thought for the Rockstar developers who worked on the game and were hoping to get their big moment of unveiling the trailer on their terms, as some who are working on GTA 6 said they wished they could have had that moment.

Hopefully you won't need to rob banks just to afford GTA 6.
Rockstar Games

We did get to have our first look at playable couple Lucia and Jason, as well as some of the stunningly detailed locales of Vice City and the surrounding area.

However, some players are already turning their minds to how much of a hole GTA 6 will burn in their bank account.

Part of the reason behind this is that the price of games seems to be creeping steadily upwards, so by 2025 the idea of a new Grand Theft Auto game being really expensive isn't outlandish.

Then there's the comments from Take-Two Interactive (the publisher behind Rockstar) CEO Strauss Zelnick, who has said he thinks games ought to be priced at their 'per-hour value'.

Essentially that means the longer a game is and the more content it has for you to enjoy the more expensive it should be.

GTA 6 is set for a 2025 release, so maybe start saving up your pocket money.
Rockstar Games

Say what you like about the GTA games but they're pretty blooming long and you can spend hours on minigames that don't bring you any closer to the end.

Earlier this year Dexerto reported that there were rumours going around that GTA 6 would cost $150 (£120), which is one hell of an increase in price on GTA 5.

However, right now it's just a rumour and there is such a thing as sticking the price so high that it scares away buyers.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most lucrative entertainment franchises in the world and suddenly cranking up the price for one of the most anticipated games in history might sour some of that excitement.

It's not outside the realms of possibility that an edition of GTA 6 could end up costing somewhere in the rumoured price region, but these days you can buy all sorts of special edition games which are packed with extra goodies and collectibles.

Grand Theft Auto VI is set to release in 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Nurphoto/Getty Rockstar

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