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Streamer shows staggering amount of money he'd lose a year without ads

Streamer shows staggering amount of money he'd lose a year without ads

He said it pays too much to stop

A Twitch streamer has shared the whopping amount of money he makes just from running ads on his stream, and it’s crazy.

He shared that if he quit the ad game, he’d lose millions.

It’s no surprise that ad revenue is lifting up the careers of many big-name streamers, as sponsors and giant brands rush in to capitalise off their fanbases.

But how much does it pay off?

You’ll see ads everywhere, from YouTube streams to Twitch, Kick and so on and there’s no stopping the monetization train.

Everything has ads and a lot of the time it’s paying for the streamers to be able to continue their dream of gaming as a career.

Now, you might think it’s paying a couple of quid, but you’re wrong.

xQc shared that he makes thousands a day. Instagram/xqcow1
xQc shared that he makes thousands a day. Instagram/xqcow1

xQc has shared that he makes around £4,750 every day and it’s just not worth stopping anytime soon.

As one of the most popular streamers on the platform, there’s no telling how many sales a brand could gain just from using his popularity.

This is why he was able to land a non-exclusivity deal with streaming site Kick at £55 million.

However, don’t think that means he can stop with his ads.

He shared during a recent stream that he makes £1.7 million a year and it’s a major source of income for him.

This revelation comes after xQc was asked by a fan to disable ads on his channel.

He responded by saying he doesn’t like doing it, but he makes so much money out of it.

He said: “Bro, do you have any idea how much I’d lose if I go live and have no ads? Do you have any idea?

“It’s like $6,000 a day. Watch this.”

He then proceeded to type away on the calculator app and figured out that $6,000 (£4,750) at 365 days would amount to $2,190,000 (£1,730,000) annually.

He said he would lose millions.Instagram/xqcow1
He said he would lose millions.Instagram/xqcow1

He said: “The one-click I did today, that removed the ads, literally made me lose $2 million this year. Just for you. See? I’m so charitable and cool.”

Because of his fanbase of watchers which accounts for about 20,000 to 30,000 per stream, he’s able to rake in so much cash.

He explained: “You shouldn’t be getting any more ads except the pre-rolls that are literally Twitch-certified. The only way to remove those ads will be to remove my partnership.

“So that would mean I wouldn’t have a subscribe button anymore, and then the chat would become complete dog s***. So, we’re not doing that.”

To prove how much he makes from ads, he’s been flashing his cash live on stream to his followers.

Last year, xQc showed everyone his £280,000 Lamborghini and then went on to splash out £20,000 on Christmas presents for his viewers.

So, he’s certainly making the most out of his pay, isn’t he?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/xqcow1

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