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Gary Lineker knew exactly what the sex noises were during FA Cup coverage

Gary Lineker knew exactly what the sex noises were during FA Cup coverage

The noises rang out during BBC Sport coverage of Liverpool versus Wolves

There were a lot of eyebrow-raising noises coming out of the BBC Sport studio last night, and it's since become clear that Gary Lineker knew exactly what they were.

If you've ever been caught out after being encouraged to open an innocent-looking video by a mate or someone you follow on Twitter, only to be met with the loud sounds of a woman enjoying great pleasure, chances are you know exactly what those sounds are too.

The porn noises rang out live on TV during the BBC’s coverage of Liverpool versus Wolves last night (17 January), leaving the presenters confused and forced to try and make it look like there weren't two people going at it just off camera.

After the broadcast, Lineker shared a tweet revealing the sounds came from a phone which had been taped to the back of the set, and comedian and prankster Daniel Jarvis later admitted he was behind the stunt.

Lineker should probably be commended for his efforts to continue his coverage as he cut to Alan Shearer for updates on the game, but he did acknowledge the sounds as he grinned and commented: "I don't know who's making that noise."

While he might not know the exact identity of the woman, Lineker has since admitted he's at least familiar with the raunchy sounds.

The former footballer appeared on Newsnight after the game, where he joked: "If you'd told me this morning I'd be on Newsnight talking about a porn scandal, I'd have been terrified. Thankfully it was just something that happened in the studio."

The noises came from a phone taped to the set.

Lineker went on to admit it didn't take him long to place the sound, saying: "When it started I did recognise that sound, I think we've all been done with that when you open up a Whatsapp or something, or somebody has sent it to you as a trick on the train or when you're busy in people's company.

"It was quite difficult to cope with the pre-match build up and I thought maybe it had gone to one of the pundits' phones, but then I thought no, it's too loud. Then we obviously worked out it was a prank.

"It was so loud I couldn't hear anything from Danny Murphy or Paul Ince, or even when I spoke to Alan Shearer. We had like five minutes more to go, is it going to stop? Every time we went to a VT it stopped, so then I thought it was being done by somebody watching the TV and waiting until we come on."

The BBC was forced to apologise after the porn noises rang out, telling LADbible: "We apologise to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening. We are investigating how this happened.”

But while the Beeb as a whole has probably been left mortified, Lineker has admitted he thought the joke was 'quite amusing'.

LADbible has reached out to Jarvis for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/@GaryLineker/Twitter

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