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Jarvo explains how he pulled off 'porn noise' trick during BBC FA Cup match

Jarvo explains how he pulled off 'porn noise' trick during BBC FA Cup match

The prankster stunned Gary Lineker as the porn noises played live on TV

The man behind the BBC Sport prank has revealed exactly how he managed to make pornographic noises erupt from the broadcaster's live set.

Daniel Jarvis, aka Jarvo, entertained millions of people on Tuesday when he hit play on the well-known moans that are so commonly used as part of WhatsApp and video pranks.

The noises rang out as Gary Lineker covered Tuesday's Wolves v Liverpool FA Cup replay, leaving the presenter fighting to make it look like there weren't some Pornhub creators filming content in the next room.

Lineker later revealed that the noises came from a phone taped to the set, after which Jarvo was quick to own up and take full credit.

"Yes, it was me that pranked the BBC Match of the Day with the sex Phone," he proudly declared on Twitter.

And the 30-year-old YouTuber has now revealed the exact details of how he pulled it off, explaining that he simply followed a TV crew into Wolves’s Molineux stadium a day before the Wolves-Liverpool game was set to kick off.

There was security in the area, but Jarvo and his accomplice nodded nonchalantly at the guards who let them pass through unchecked.

"These things are all about confidence," the prankster told The Sun.

“We got in because we made it look like we were meant to be there, so no one bats an eyelid. If you hesitate, then you’ll get asked questions. But people from Wolves thought we were with the TV, and vice versa."

Once they'd infiltrated the studio, the pair used double-sided tape to stick a Yepen mobile to a seven-foot wall on set. They changed the phone's ringtone to the porn sounds, then snuck away ready to wait for their moment.

Jarvo explained: “TV crews don’t dress particularly smartly so I fitted right in. There were about four staff working in the studio. We tried not to speak to them much, just saying ‘How are you?’"

Jarvo said his prank will 'go down in history'.

“Our plan was to strap it under a chair or the table, but they might’ve got suspicious if we started moving stuff around," Jarvo continued.

“So we strapped it to the top of the wall and because of the colour no one could see it. We had a cheers with the beers afterwards then it was a waiting game, hoping no one had found the phone.”

Anyone who was watching BBC Sport on Tuesday, or who has been on Twitter in the days since, will know that no one did find the phone, and the prank played out exactly as Jarvo had hoped as he called the mobile to trigger its raunchy ringtone.

“I was at my cousin’s and couldn’t believe it worked," he recalled. "It was hilarious. We’ve tried this before and it didn’t work. But this must’ve been the magic of the FA Cup.

“There is a short delay with the TV so I was worried it didn’t work, but the camera went back to Lineker at the perfect time.

“Those situations are so funny because no one has been in it before. You could see they were panicking but Lineker is such a pro and handled it really well. Everyone seems to have loved it. I feel like we’ve cheered up the nation a bit at a bad time.”

The BBC issued an apology after the sexual noises rang out live on air, but Jarvo is anything but sorry.

He commented: “This prank will go down in history. I’ve always got things planned. I can’t tell you what’s next.”

Featured Image Credit: @bmwjarvo/Twitter

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