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Gavin and Stacey’s Neil the baby is now in a grunge rock band

Gavin and Stacey’s Neil the baby is now in a grunge rock band

Is anyone surprised?

The actor who played Neil the baby in Gavin & Stacey is now a member of a grunge rock band and you just know that Nessa would be proud.

Oscar Hartland was one of the few actors who played Neil the baby in his younger years, and went on to play Neil again in the show's 2019 Christmas special after a successful audition.

Since then, he has gone on to pursue a career that his fictional mother Nessa would have been delighted to see.

Neil The Baby is in a band!

Neil the baby joined the Gavin & Stacey cast after Nessa and Smithy conceived him in a regrettable moment of passion.

At Gavin & Stacey's wedding, Nessa confessed that she was pregnant, but didn't tell Smithy it was his until season two, when the newlyweds came back from their honeymoon.

By the end of season two, Nessa had gone into labour and eventually gave birth to baby Neil.

After a bit of deliberation, the pair decide to name him Neil the baby, after their fathers - who are both called Neil.

Although he's around for all of season three, Neil is a much more prominent character in the show's 2019 reunion, since he's grown up a lot - though he still goes by Neil the baby.

Since starring in the latest Christmas special though, Oscar has been getting on with his life, from going viral on TikTok to taking joining a grunge rock band to taking on the dreaded GCSEs.

And in his band, Redwood City, he is on vocals and rhythm guitar.

Right now, the band have two singles available on Spotify; 'Picture Us' and 'See Into The Love', which were both released this year.

"Music is my thing at the moment, I'm loving it", he told Wales Online earlier this year.

"I want to do stuff like Guns n Roses, Queen, and the darkness. I also love DJing as well, I have some decks.

When he's not taking on the TV or music world, Oscar is hitting the big time on TikTok.

At first, the actor and musician had been posting some silly videos on the app with his friends, but when he uploaded a Gavin & Stacey themed TikTok, it went viral overnight.

"I made that one Gavin & Stacey one and, it just blew up. I didn't think it would get as big as it did."

This kid is just bound to be a star. Might we see him in a hypothetical reunion?

"I would love to, I would love to make another one. It would be the best thing ever, but it's not up to me," he said.

That's not a no!

Featured Image Credit: BBC/@oscarhartlandofficial/Instagram

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