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Gerald from Clarkson’s Farm and David Beckham make the most unlikely link up of all time

Gerald from Clarkson’s Farm and David Beckham make the most unlikely link up of all time

Instagram was abuzz when the two men were pictured together

David Beckham is used to having people fawn over him, but the former footballer got the chance to have his own fan moment - when he met Gerald Cooper from Clarkson's Farm.

Beckham was snapped with his arm around fan favourite Gerald, who rose to prominence on Jeremy Clarkson's smash hit Amazon series.

David Beckham and Gerald posed up for a picture together.

In the photo, shared to Clarkson's instagram, Beckham can be seen grinning ear to ear as he poses with the West Country farmer besides a canal.

Giving a nod to his colleague's popularity, Clarkson cheekily captioned the photo 'Gerald. And another man.'

It's not everyday somebody outshines David Beckham, but judging by the big grin on his face, he doesn't seem to mind.

Fans took to the comments section to poke fun at Beckham and share their appreciation for Gerald - though many admitted they couldn't understand him due to his accent.

One remarked: "Nice to see Gerald stay humble and nice with his fan."

Another wrote: "Now that’s a conversation I want to hear," whilst a fellow commenter quipped: "The man, the legend. And Beckham."

One follower said: "I can never understand a word he says [..] Gerald on the other hand seems a lovely bloke."

Ba dum dum tish.

This isn't the first time that Clarkson and Beckham have crossed paths - as the father of four often pops around to the Diddly Squat Farm to pick up pints of milk with his daughter, Harper.

Jeremy Clarkson first bought the farm land back in 2008.

The Beckhams' family home isn't too far from the Chipping Norton farm, meaning they can count the outspoken former Top Gear host as one of their locals.

Clarkson's partner, Lisa Hogan, has previously divulged details of the former Manchester United star paying the farm shop a visit.

Hogan said: "[David] comes in every Sunday with his daughter to get the milk.

"Yeah he’s great and he comes with his kids.

"It’s from the dairy down the road which is amazing."

Clarkson's Farm finished airing its second season in February 2023, and has already been commissioned for a third season.

Fans have enjoyed Clarkson's antics as he muddles his way through farming his land in Oxfordshire, which he first purchased in 2008.

Gerald has been working the land for over fifty years and helps Clarkson out when it comes to harvesting the grain.

Although the two get on, Clarkson is mostly at loss when trying to understand his thick West Country accent.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ jeremyclarkson1

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