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Gogglebox viewers furious after show spoils major plot twist to Netflix film with no warning

Gogglebox viewers furious after show spoils major plot twist to Netflix film with no warning

Gogglebox viewers learned more about new Netflix movie Fall than they wanted to

Viewers of Gogglebox have been left raging after the show ruined a major plot twist in one of the most popular films on Netflix right now.

You can see the trailer for the film that they’re accused of wrecking below:

The regular crew were all back together again last night to cast their eyes over the TV that is making the headlines these days.

As it happens, this time they were watching horror-drama Fall on Netflix, which we actually told you about over the last week too.


You have been warned.

The premise of the film is pretty simple. Two women decide to climb a gigantic 2,000 foot radio mast in order to scatter the ashes of one of their husbands.

He died in a climbing accident, so naturally the obvious option for disposing of his mortal remains is by climbing a huge dangerous tower, right?

Gogglebox viewers weren't mad about the revelations made last night.
Channel 4

Naturally, things don’t go to plan and they end up stranded up the tower with very little hope of rescue.

Anyway, there’s a significant plot twist in the film that was given away on last night’s episode of Gogglebox on Channel 4.

Last chance to avoid it, by the way.

The twist is that at one stage they discover that one of the woman had an affair with the late husband, so they stage a falling out at 600-odd metres in the air.

Then, when one of them goes down to attempt to rescue their fallen things, she does actually die but returns as a figment of the other woman’s imagination.

In the end, she realises in a moment of clarity that her former mate was killed climbing down and uses her body to send for help.

As plot twists go, it’s one that M. Night Shyamalan would be pleased with.

Fall is on Netflix now.

However, a load of Gogglebox viewers weren’t too impressed to find this out.

One person tweeted: “They just told the whole movie in a nut shell.”

Another said: “Well done Gogglebox for giving away the twist in the Fall.

“Bit inconsiderate don't you think?”

A third commented: “I adore Gogglebox but can’t stand it when they show stuff I haven’t seen yet, really annoys me!”

So, not that you need to now it’s totally been explained to you, you can still watch Fall on Netflix should you so desire.

It’s worth pointing out that you might just want to avoid the whole thing if you’re afraid of heights.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/Lionsgate

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