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Gogglebox Viewers Shocked After Stars Call 1992 TV Clip 'The Olden Days'

Gogglebox Viewers Shocked After Stars Call 1992 TV Clip 'The Olden Days'

Viewers were left reeling when one star suggested the clip should be show in black and white

Gogglebox viewers of a certain age were left reeling last night, 27 May, after two of the show’s stars referred to 1992 as the ‘olden days’ – excuse me a moment while I crumble into dust. 

Pals Abbie Lynn and Georgie Bell, who are 20 and 21 respectively, tuned into an old episode of Top of the Pops during last night's episode. 

Having both been born post-2000 the pair were unfamiliar with the once-popular weekly chart show that ran from 1964 to 2006. 

When the programme started the friends admitted to not knowing what it was, with Abbie exclaiming: “I’ve never seen this before.”

And then – seemingly sticking the boot in to all 90s babies – Georgia added: “It looks ancient," with Abbie agreeing: “I think it’s out of the olden days.” 

To add insult to injury, later on Abbie said: “I feel like we need to be watching this in black and white.”

At one point, Abbie happily confessed to knowing one of the songs on the show – 'Sunny' by Boney M – but then quickly knocked us all back down to ground again by adding: “Is this what a nightclub used to look like back in the day?"

Ouch. And it’s not just me and my grey hairs that took exception to the girls’ comments – on social media many viewers were left horrified. 

One posted: “I nearly fell off my chair. 1992 was just like yesterday. Imagine if they'd seen the 80s shows.” 

Another said: “Never felt older than the 30 seconds these two were on about TOTP.”

Abbie and Georgia on Gogglebox.
Channel 4

Someone else said: “As someone who was born in the 90s this made me feel old when these girls said this.”

While a fourth posted: "Saying 1992 TOTP is ‘ancient’ and ‘out of the olden days’. Oh God, help me. I'm seriously ancient then. Good old Gogglebox.”

Another viewer joked: “One way to feel ancient is having someone describe 1992 as ‘out of the olden days’.” You can say that again, pal. 

But elsewhere on the show, stars who had a few more years on the clock were delighted to see Top of the Pops back on the box. 

Stephen Webb appeared to feel a bit emotional while reminiscing, he said to husband Chris Butland-Steed: "I was 21… no money but a glint in my eye, got me everywhere.”

If you fancy suddenly feeling really old, you can catch up with Gogglebox on All4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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