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Woman Who Stole £100k From Rival On Golden Balls Was ’Steal’ Victim In Previous Episode

Woman Who Stole £100k From Rival On Golden Balls Was ’Steal’ Victim In Previous Episode

A woman who pulled off one of the most brutal steals on Golden Balls was also stolen from in a previous episode.

The woman who pulled off one of the biggest steals in Golden Balls' history was also stolen from in a previous episode.

Ah, Golden Balls, perhaps the most brutal show to grace our TV screens.

The most infamous moment from the show was an episode where contestant Sarah stole £100,000 ($130,000) from fellow player Stephen.

If you're not familiar with the ITV hit, hosted by Jasper Carrott, four contestants are tasked with guessing which golden balls concealed cash, while trying to eliminate the killer balls, that have no cash.

The aim of the game is to put as much money in the collective pot as possible, while lying your way to the final two - contestants who are believed to have the least cash in their balls are voted off.

In the final round, the two remaining contestants go head-to-head where, you guessed it, they can choose to steal or spilt.

If both contestants chose to split, the prize pot would be divided evenly; if both chose to steal, both go home with nothing.

One of the biggest steals in Golden Balls history.

However, and this is where the drama comes in: if one well-meaning soul chooses to split while another steals, the stealer gets the cash.

Yep, as you can imagine there were some pretty big blowouts on the show.

None more infamous, however, than that of Sarah and Stephen.

And now it has emerged that Sarah and Stephen had been stolen from on the show before their infamous episode.

In a series of 12 special episodes in the show's second season, previous 'steal' victims were given a second chance, and this included Sarah and Stephen.

Despite this, Stephen maintained his faith in humanity, agreeing to split the prize during his head-to-head with Sarah.

Sarah stole £100,000 from fellow contestant, Stephen.

Sarah, however, had learned from previous episodes that being nice in Golden Balls gets you nowhere.

So, she chose to steal and walked off with £100,000.

Stephen recently revealed that Sarah didn't reach out to him following the episode either.

He told the Daily Star: "As soon as the show ended, I was literally head down in tears for 15, 20 minutes. I was devastated."

"I heard one woman shout from the audience, 'You f**king b**ch, I hope you f**king die in hell'. I heard that, and she got whisked straight off the stage. 

"When I was in the dressing room Sarah was brought back out to do her end piece to camera. Since then, she's never tried to contact me. She's never spoken to me."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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