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Golden Balls split deal is being hailed the most ‘genius moment in gameshow history'

Golden Balls split deal is being hailed the most ‘genius moment in gameshow history'

A split deal in the ITV game show Golden Balls has been hailed as the most ‘genius moment in gameshow history' as the clip resurfaces

A resurfaced clip from the famed TV gameshow Golden Balls has been hailed as the most ‘genius moment in gameshow history'.

The clip, which has over 85,000 likes on TikTok, featured two contestants in the final dealings of the game.

The show, which ran from 2007 to 2009, featured two rounds where balls were drawn from a lottery-like machine called the 'Golden Bank.'

Inside the bank was 100 golden balls, each having a money amount associated with it, ranging from £10 ($11) to £75,000 ($85,000).

12 balls from the machine were drawn and four 'killer' balls added to the mix, too.

The 16 balls were then shared equally with the four contestants, while two balls from each contestant would have to be on show to all other players.

The 'Golden Bank' had balls ranging in value from £10 to £75,000.

Contestants would then reveal what was on their two other balls, however, they could lie if they felt it would help them in the game.

The contestant who is voted by their competitors as having the lowest amount of money would be eliminated from the game.

Golden Balls' second round unfolds in a similar way before the exciting final round of 'split or steal'.

In the final round, there is three possible outcomes to this ITV show.

First, is both contestants chose split, then they would divide the jackpot equally.

Second possible outcome is one of the contestants chose split, and the other steal, the contestant who chose the latter would win the entire jackpot, while the contestant who chose split walked away empty handed.

And finally, the worst case scenario is if both contestants chose steal, then they both went home with nothing.

In this particular resurfaced clip, one contestant is trying to convince the other to go for the split ball as he surprisingly announces he will choose the steal ball.

The contestant asked to take the split is left shell-shocked as the competitor says he will spit the money with him after the show, much to the audiences amusement.

After his confession, the contestant calls the other man an 'idiot' as he believes they will walk away empty handed.

Golden Balls was hosted by comedian Jasper Carrott.

Eventually, the annoyed contestant goes with his competitor's request and draws the split ball.

As both draw their balls, the man making the optimistic request draws split too and both take home £6,800 each.

Commenters have been reacting to the genius game clip on TikTok with one user saying: "I know why he did it, because if the other guy thought he was going to split from the start he would’ve stolen, so took his choice away and both won."

A second added: "this man found a loop whole in the game."

And finally, a third simply said: "Genius idea that mind."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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