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Graham Norton viewers cringe at awkward moment after he asked Cara Delevingne about having sex on a plane

Graham Norton viewers cringe at awkward moment after he asked Cara Delevingne about having sex on a plane

All while her dad was in the audience

Viewers were left cringing after Graham Norton asked Cara Delevingne about having sex on a plane - while her dad happened to be in the audience. You can see how that went here:

TV favourite Norton was taking part in 2017 Comic Relief on BBC where he was joined by a host of celebrities including Gordon Ramsay, Matt Lucas, Jonathan Ross, Martine McCutcheon and model Delevingne. ​​

As is usual with a chat show, Norton began asking the gathered celebrities numerous questions, but things took an awkward turn after he asked Delevingne if she’d ever had sex on a plane.

Norton started by telling Delevingne that he reckoned her embarrassment threshold was ‘quite high’ after chatting with her back stage to which the model coyly said: “I’m embarrassed now” and began to rub at the side of her face.

Norton said: “We were talking about having sex on a plane…” when Delevingne cut in to say: “As you have, clearly” prompting Norton to reply: “Oddly, I have.”

Graham Norton Leaves Cara Delevingne Cringing

He went on: “You were doing it and then a man was…” at this point Delevingne interrupted to say: “My father is here, by the way. Sorry, Dad.”

But after making a little joke, Norton continued undeterred, saying: “So you were having sex and someone was watching you.”

Delevingne said: “Yeah, it was… I don’t even know how to start this story…” Seemingly realising how awkward she felt, fellow guests McCutcheon and Jessica Haynes jumped in to joke that it was them she had had sex with.

She then eventually managed to explain that she and whoever she was with attempted to have sex onboard, but a man started watching them.

Delevingne said she eventually complained about the ‘pervert’ watching her.

Norton replied: “I like that rather than being embarrassed, you complained.”

To which she said: “Of course! It was disgusting, pervert. Turn away!”

She revealed all on the show.

At this point, to help ease some of the awkwardness, Ross then chipped in to ask: “Was it EasyJet? Because they charge you more for that.”

Viewers watching the show at the time were left cringing after seeing the awkward moment play out with one person tweeting: “​​That's all you could think to ask @Caradelevingne? Sex on a plane and a bottle trick. Good one.”

Another said: “Graham Norton asking @Caradelevingne about time she had sex on a plane on @comicrelief totally weird & inappropriate #rednoseday #cringe.”

While a third commented: “Poor @Caradelevingne getting outed for shagging on a plane!”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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