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Greatest WrestleMania Moment Of All Time As Voted For By The Fans

Anish Vij

| Last updated 

Greatest WrestleMania Moment Of All Time As Voted For By The Fans

Fans have revealed what their 'greatest WrestleMania moment of all time' is – and they have not disappointed.

Dubbed by the WWE as 'The Greatest Spectacle In Sports Entertainment', this year's event is gearing up to be a huge one.

If these matches don't get you excited as a WWE fan, I don't know what will – Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ronda Rousey and Roman Reigns (Universal Champion) vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE Champion) definitely look like they'll live up to to the hype.

Not to mention 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin who is set to make an appearance on The KO Show hosted by Kevin Owens.

Also, let's not forget Logan Paul, who will partner with The Miz and will be up against Rey and Dominik Mysterio .

Wrestlemania 33 in 2017. Credit: Alamy
Wrestlemania 33 in 2017. Credit: Alamy

However, as we all know, when it comes to WWE (formally known as WWF) most will have their own special memory, which will stay with them as a part of their childhood.

So, LADbible gave the audience a choice of four huge WrestleMania to pick from: TLC II match at WM 17; Hogan Slamming Andre; Hogan vs Warrior; Undertaker vs HBK (at WM25 and WM26).

More than 4,200 votes poured in, and here are the results:

4) Hogan Slamming Andre at WM3 – 10.9%

Hulk Hogan's famous body slam of Andre the Giant is such an iconic moment in the history of the company.

Branded 'David vs Goliath', the Hulkster, who was pretty huge himself at 6ft7 and 137kg, managed to pick up a 7ft4, 236kg 'Eighth Wonder Of The World' as he was known, and slam him into the middle of the ring.

There's no doubt this moment really took WWE to another level.

Hogan also successfully managed to hold on to his title.

3) TLC II match at WM17 – 21.1%

Next up is one of the most ridiculous stunts ever done in WWE history.

It was Edge and Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz.

Who could forget Edge's leaping spear off the top of a 20ft ladder to Jeff Hardy... mid-air.

Jim Ross's incredible commentary definitely had an important part to play in the legendary moment.

Edge and Christian were the ones who unhooked the belts for the win.

2) Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior WM6 – 21.8%

Second place was very close to third with a difference of just 0.7 percent.

Well, the unforgettable champion vs champion match took place at WM6 where the late, great Ultimate Warrior managed to defeat The Hulk.

In a heartfelt finish to the epic match, Hogan handed his championship to Warrior, who both shared a hug at the end.

1) Undertaker vs HBK WM25 and WM26 – 46.2%

In what was the overwhelming majority, The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels was the fans choice as their joint greatest WrestleMania moments of all time.

As good as their first match was, the second at WM26 will certainly live on in the memory of WWE fans forever.

It was basically Undertaker's WrestleMania streak vs HBK's career, so it was always going to be an emotional end to either outcome.

During the last minutes of the match, Michaels knew he was beaten.

He brilliantly decides to slap the deadman, Will Smith style, right in the face.

If there's one person you don't wanna p*** off, that's The Undertaker, and he goes and delivers one of the most brutal tombstones ever.

1,2,3, Michaels was pinned and just like that, his career was over.

An emotional HBK left the ring as he waved goodbye to fans in his penultimate WWE match in 2010.

He later returned in 2018 for a short stint with DX but his last 'proper' match will be remembered for the ages.

Undertaker's 18-0 WM streak was in tact, until Brock Lesnar shocked the world and put an end to his WM legacy.

We also asked the audience who their Mr. WrestleMania was and the result was, as expected.

The Undertaker was the overwhelming winner and with a ridiculous 23 wins and just two losses at WM, it's hard to argue with that one.

The other honourable mentions go to Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and, of course, Shawn Michaels.

Featured Image Credit: WWE/WWE

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Anish Vij
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