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Logan Paul Announced As The Miz's Tag Team Partner For WrestleMania

Logan Paul Announced As The Miz's Tag Team Partner For WrestleMania

The YouTuber was revealed during an episode of Raw this week

Logan Paul is set to star at this year's WrestlMania.

The YouTuber was revealed this week as the tag team partner of WWE star The Miz.

The pair are set to go head to head with the Rey and and Dominik Mysterio at the hotly-anticipated event at the AT&T Arena in Texas. The two-night event takes place over 2 and 3 April.

To announce the exciting news, The Miz introduced Logan during an episode of Raw yesterday (21 February).

Challenging the Mysterios to the fight, The Miz said: "Cause here's what I propose. My new tag team partner and I face the Mysterios at WrestleMania!"

He then calls Logan to the ring, saying: "Now allow me to introduce my special guest, my new tag team partner. Ladies and gentlemen, please get up out of your seats for social media megastar Logan Paul!"

A very excited Logan comes bounding in, shouting, 'Let's go!', before hopping into the ring.

The pair then proceed to beat seven shades of the Mysterios, with Paul face planting Rey's son Dominik onto the canvas.

Unsurprisingly, Logan's inclusion at WrestleMania has received quite a mixed response, with some looking forward to seeing him perform and others really, really not.

Sharing their thoughts on Twitter, one user said: "Officially the worst match on the Mania card."

Echoing the disappointment, another chimed in: "WWE will hear the boos, see the criticism and think 'We got a real heel on our hands!'

"How do you tell a company like WWE that, as a viewing audience, you just don't like what's being done? Huge difference in liking to hate versus hating to see."

Logan Paul will star at Wrestlemania this year.

A third said: "It's embarrassing it really is what a slap in the face to everyone who wrestled for years for the company and never get a look in."

While another added: "We don't f***ing care bro give us someone worthwhile."

Not everyone was so averse to his participation, though.

Some seemed to actually be looking forward to it.

One said: "Logan Paul has more heat than any heel in the company. You can't buy those type of boos."

Backing the decision, another commented: "Y’all sleeping on Logan I can’t wait to see."

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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