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Greg James Surprises Woman On Train After Getting Tweet From Her Daughter

Greg James Surprises Woman On Train After Getting Tweet From Her Daughter

Radio 1 DJ Greg James shared a glass of wine with the woman afterwards

Radio 1 DJ Greg James surprised a woman after she recognised him on the train but wasn’t sure whether it was actually him. You can see a video of their slightly unusual exchange below.

James was travelling on the train up the East Coast main line when he received a tweet from a woman who claimed her mother was sitting by him on the journey.

She even filled him in on what she was drinking.

It sounds a bit creepy, but – honestly – it’s quite sweet at the end.

The woman, called Jane, had messaged her daughter to say that she believed she was sitting across the aisle from James on the train from Edinburgh, but wasn’t entirely sure and didn’t want to disturb him in case she was wrong.

Not satisfied with that, the woman’s daughter sent a direct tweet to James explaining the situation, and he started filming.

The daughter, Colleen, wrote: "My mum think she's sat next to you on a train from Edinburgh right now so if you could confirm that would be amazing.

"Her name is Jane and she's just had a white wine and says you are on red."

Greg did indeed confirm that it was Jane.

Just a few minutes later, Greg shared a video in which he showed Colleen’s original tweet to him on a laptop screen, before panning onto his glass of red wine, then a woman across from her who – as stated – is drinking a glass of white wine.

He asked her: "Are you Jane?"

“I am Jane,” she responded.


Starting off in fits of giggles, James then turned around his laptop screen to reveal the tweet from Jane’s daughter.

The pair then shared a selfie together to further document their experience.

It seems as if Colleen was happy enough to have created the opportunity for this chance encounter, writing: "Can't believe two legends are meeting, tell her I miss her."

After the video tweet went viral, James wrote: Wow this blew up. Wonder if Jane has a Soundcloud?”

James’ fans were loving it.

James later shared a picture of more wine.

One said: “Get them both on the breakfast show I reckon, what a story”

Another said: “Please reunite them on the air tomorrow.”

We’ll have to wait to find out whether this will happen, but it seems as if Jane and Greg got on famously, as he shared another photo of a table full of wine glasses, claiming they were enjoying ‘hair of the dog’ with another passenger who was hungover.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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