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Hairy Bikers confirm new show as Dave Myers returns to work after undergoing cancer treatment

Hairy Bikers confirm new show as Dave Myers returns to work after undergoing cancer treatment

The BBC has confirmed the next TV show from the popular duo.

**Warning: Contains discussion about cancer and cancer treatment**

The Hairy Bikers have confirmed their next TV show as Dave Myers returns to work while being treated for cancer.

Myers, 65, is back in the saddle and on the road again with his best pal Si King, 56, for a brand new series which will take the pair down the West coast.

Dave Myers have kept fans up-to-date about his cancer treatment.

The eight-part program is called The Hairy Bikers Go West, and was announced at the Wales Screen Summit for BBC2 and iPlayer, and it will celebrate ‘the amazing food producers, cuisine and vista of Britain’s West shores.’

The two foodies will begin their journey in Scotland and ride all the way to Devon, where they are set to revisit places that are meaningful.

Fans will be delighted with the new show after Myers gave fans another update amid his chemotherapy treatment.

On the How To Be 60 podcast, he said: “I do feel I’m getting better, in terms of mobility and physiotherapy.

“The cancer, I really have no ­symptoms of it, it’s the chemotherapy.

“It’s neuropathy [nerve damage that causes numbness] in your feet. They sit me on a Pilates ball and rock me, pretending I’m on a motorbike.

“They’re good people, they’re determined to get me back on the bike.”

Myers announced his cancer diagnosis in May 2022, and in July the same year, he told Kate Thornton on her podcast White Wine Question Time that the treatment felt like ‘another chapter’ after being told he had a tumour.

He said: "At the minute I'm going through treatment for cancer and it's like another chapter.

"I went to the doctors complaining of certain bits and bobs and the next thing I know I got a phone and told it's a tumour and I'm going to have chemotherapy.

The next TV show from The Hairy Bikers has been confirmed.

"Fortunately, the chemo is working but it's the effect chemotherapy has on you. Every day is a school day."

In January this year, he opened up about how the diagnosis has impacted his life, filming the Hairy Bikers and how ultimately he's 'learn[ing] to live with' the condition.

He explained: "[The treatment] is still ongoing but I'm kinda doing all right, it's like many people, it's something one learns to live with.

Myers, who has been receiving treatment for cancer since April 2022, added: "It is still ongoing but I am kind of doing alright and you know, it’s like many people, it is something that one learns to live with. But I’m delighted my hair... it’s thicker hair than before I had the chemo."

Featured Image Credit: Malcolm Park editorial / Alamy Stock Photo Instagram / @‌hairybikers

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