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Happy Valley bosses 'film five different endings' to finale to prevent spoilers

Happy Valley bosses 'film five different endings' to finale to prevent spoilers

There'll be no spoilers here, that's for sure

We're so close to the Happy Valley finale, and there's absolutely no chance that you'll guess the ending.

That's because series creator Sally Wainwright wrote a number of different endings for the show so absolutely no spoilers would get leaked.

Even some of the people who worked on the show, including cast members, have no clue how the series is going to end, so even they'll be hooked right up until the very last scene.

The Happy Valley team filmed alternative endings just in case.

In the latest episode of the drama series, viewers saw Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) and newly free Tommy Lee (James Norton) look like they're about to face off.

But as fans try their best to work out how the series might end, bosses are determined to keep the excruciating tension building for as long as possible.

It sounds like Sally Wainwright has been very busy writing a number of different finales to stop the ending from being spoiled, keeping the real ending on a need-to-know basis.

Actor Amit Shah, who plays Faisal Bhatti - the drug-dealing pharmacist - recently confessed that he has no idea how the BBC drama will end.

Speaking to the Obsessed with... Happy Valley podcast about his character, Amit admitted, "I still don't know how it all ends up for him because we filmed the final scenes in various different ways.

Happy Valley star Amit admitted he doesn't know how the show ends.

"Sally was actually directing those. So it's quite open and we did different options, so I'm not entirely sure how he's gonna end up."

Meanwhile, a source close to the production team has explained the thought process to Mail Online, saying: "The scripts were seen by those who needed to see them but even they haven't given away how things will come to an end because the scenes were filmed in different ways.

"From the beginning of the planning of series three, Sally and her team wanted to end the show in a sensational way and give viewers an ending they won't forget - she also didn't want any spoilers to ruin things.

"It is going to be epic, and all the more so because nobody knows the ending. It has been really cleverly done to keep fans guessing right up until the very end."

As if I wasn't excited enough about this already.

How are any of us expected to make it to the season finale on 5 February?

Happy Valley airs on Sundays at 9:00pm on BBC One.

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