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World's largest indoor Harry Potter attraction to open this summer

World's largest indoor Harry Potter attraction to open this summer

It will open its doors in June

Harry Potter fans looking for the next big thrill will be excited to know that the BIGGEST indoor attraction in the world dedicated to the wizarding world franchise is set to open its doors.

The attraction will house the usual magic and fantasy expected from Harry Potter, including authentic sets, costumes, props and a chance to see the world of Diagon Alley and Platform 9 ¾ as well as exclusive sets not found at any other Warner Bros. Studio sites.

The new Japan attraction will have exclusive sets as well the usual Harry Potter scenes.
Warner Bros Studios.

It's not just the Harry Potter books and movie sets on display either, as the attraction will also house key features and huge movie sets from the Fantastic Beasts series too.

Some of the movie sets were not technically used within the films, but have been specially commissioned and made for the new attraction by filmmakers who worked on the original Harry Potter film series.

The largest indoor Harry Potter attraction will open in June in Tokyo, Japan.
Warner Bros

The new opportunity to experience the world of wizards and magic will be in Tokyo, Japan from June 16 and not only will it be the first Warner Bros. Studio Tour to open in Asia, but it will also be the world's largest indoor Harry Potter attraction.

For Harry Potter fans who want to experience being 'in' the films themselves, the new attraction will also host interactive experiences including green screen exhibits allowing visitors to put themselves into key movie moments. One key moment will be the chance to feel what it's like to ride on the Hogwart's Express - a must for true Potterheads.

For fans who are eager to go they'll need to move fast as tickets for the opening event go on tour on March 22 via the official website

Entry to the huge new world will only be available via advanced ticket purchase, with prices ranging from ¥3,800 (£23.68) for children aged between four and 11, and ¥5,200 (£32.40) for those aged 12 to 17. For keen adults wanting to visit, tickets cost ¥6,300 (£39.25).

Harry Potter fans can experience sets like The Great Hall.
Warner Bros Studios

Despite the Harry Potter first book coming out in 1997 and the first film being released in 2001, the world created by author JK Rowling has continued to captivate and enchant fans around the world. Keen American fans even took it one step further when they recast the entire film with American actors instead of the current known actors.

Through a series of votes the clever fans recast everyone from the first film, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, and turned it into an all American version.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Studios

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