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Harry Styles left 'visibly shaken' after fan invades stage during set

Harry Styles left 'visibly shaken' after fan invades stage during set

The former One Direction star had to move quickly

Harry Styles had to move quickly to avoid a fan who stormed the stage at a gig this week.

The former One Direction star was performing at a concert at Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last night (8 December) when someone tried to get to him.

In footage shared on social media, the 28-year-old can be heard belting out one of his old tunes when a member of the audience clambers onto the stage.

Spotting the danger, a very worried looking Styles darts backwards to move out of the way.

Luckily for him, the security team manage to get hold of the fan and stop them from getting anywhere near the singer.

Following the close shave, Styles joked: "Well, that was different. Everybody okay?

"I’m shooketh. I’m shooketh."

A fan charged the stage at a Harry Styles gig.

An image of one of the security guards then came on the big screen, with Styles thanking him for stepping in.

Pointing at the screen, he said: "Thank you, thank you. You saved me."

Since the incident, the pop star's fans have taken to social media to offer their support.

"I can’t even imagine how Harry must have felt when that person jumped on the stage," wrote one.

"I can’t imagine the fear and the panic he experienced while continuing singing. He handle it absolutely professionally, but he shouldn’t have to deal with situations like this."

Another commented: "‘Look i get that harry is a trained professional, but the fact he continued to perform when his safety was in danger is just insane!!

Luckily, security stepped in.

"It would have been totally acceptable for him to stop & take a moment off stage! the actions of this ONE individual are DISGRACEFUL & UNACCEPTABLE’."

"OMG! So glad his security guards were so on top of that situation," put a third. "I can't imagine anything worse than Harry Styles getting hurt doing something he loves like performing and in a city he loves! Thank you to all of Harry's crew!"

While someone else added: "Ah I actually feel so bad for him.

"The person climbing on stage obviously scared him, then while trying to get away he also ran into a security guard from behind which probably scared him more."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Witcmedia

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