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People are raving over 'under-the-radar' country for holidays

People are raving over 'under-the-radar' country for holidays

We’re certain it’s going to be next on your travel list.

We’re sure you love a holiday just as much as the next person, but there’s nothing worse than all the best tourist hotspots being packed with, well, tourists. 

But now, people are raving over an ‘under-the-radar’ country for holidays, and we’re certain it’s going to be next on your travel list. Check out the video below:

Boasting clear blue waters, actually exclusive beach clubs (goodbye, fighting over a sun lounger) and reasonable alcohol prices, it’s no wonder that Albania is becoming a hit with travellers on social media.

The up-and-coming European hotspot - which is nestled between Montenegro and Greece and overlooks the Adriatic Sea - has seen an increase in popularity with holidaymakers post-pandemic. But it is still hailed for being ‘really quiet and non-touristy’. 

TikToks showcasing the widely popular beach resort of Ksamil have reached more than 60 million people across the site, and it’s not difficult to see why. The shore boasts soft golden sand, crystal clear water and lesser crowds than other European beach spots.

Meanwhile, others have reflected on how the costs of the somewhat unexposed location are far less pricey than neighbouring holiday destinations like Croatia, Greece and Italy.

We’re certain Albania is going to be next on your travel list.
Christian Kober 1 /Alamy Stock Photo

One social media user, @_Reena_rai, outlined the ‘five reasons to visit the Albanian Riveria’, explaining how ‘it’s basically Greece on a budget’.

“The beaches are gorgeous, you can always get a lounger,” Reena said. “It's really quiet and non-touristy. The food is absolutely incredible and the wine is super cheap.”

A different social media user, @Elisolidum on TikTok, called the location the 'most underrated country in Europe', adding: “You've got mountains, beaches, stunning villages.

“For such a small country, Albania comes close to having it all. It's also one of the most affordable countries I've ever travelled to, so it's just perfect for budget travellers and backpackers.

The country is still hailed for being ‘really quiet and non-touristy’.
Jan Wlodarczyk/Alamy Stock Photo

“Every day was a pure adventure...there are so many cute villages to explore and things to discover.”

Meanwhile, Ellie Marr dubbed Albania 'one of the last truly budget destinations in Europe', she told The Times, and believed its popularity with Brits will further increase as the cost of living crisis carries on in the UK.

Speaking of its affordability, those travelling to the country can indulge in a bottle of wine at a supermarket for an average cost of £5.30 (728 lek), while a pint of beer is priced at an impressive £1.10.

Marr also revealed a three-course meal could anywhere between just £10 and £22 (3,000 lek).

Meals vary between what you’re ordering though, depending on whether you’re going for seafood, like mussels, or pizza and pasta dishes.  

For more information on booking a trip to Albania, head to Visit Albania here.

Featured Image Credit: @beeesabee/TikTok

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