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'Weird' House of the Dragon sex scene leaves viewers conflicted

'Weird' House of the Dragon sex scene leaves viewers conflicted

The uncle and niece finally consummated their very uncomfortable incestual relationship in episode seven

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon has already shocked viewers with its portrayals of age-gap relationships and incest, but things certainly reached another level in the latest episode.

Following some steamy scenes between Rhaenyra and her uncle Daemon in a brothel, which got tongues wagging when it was revealed, the pair finally had (some very uncomfortable to watch) sex in episode seen.

This was an important plot point in the series that sees Rhaenyra fight to remain heir to the Iron Throne after her father remarries and finally has a long-awaited son.

Namely, as by hooking up with her uncle and marrying him, she has a much stronger claim to the throne.

However, because of the incestous nature of the pair's relationship, viewers of the Game of Thrones prequel were left more than little conflicted by the scene.

Rhaenyra wants to marry her uncle, out of all people.
HBO/House of Dragon

While some fans of the show thought the whole thing was disgusting because of how closely related the fictional pair are, others said that their chemistry was undeniable.

One fan of the pair wrote: "As gross as it is, I love Rhaenyra and Daemon together."

"They're soulmates in every sense of the word, sorry, we just keep on winning, thank you VERY much," gushed a second.

A third praised the cinematography of the now married couple's wedding scene, writing: "i'm obsessed with this picture because the way rhaenyra's head is high like a queen and daemon is the one lowering down... that's cinema [sic]."

"The chemistry between Daemon and Rhaenyra. I love it. I love it so much," wrote a third while a fourth agreed, writing: "The chemistry between Rhaenyra and Daemon is CRAZY."

However, there were some people who simply couldn't see past the fact that Rhaenyra had just hooked up with her uncle.

Reacting to the scene with sick emoji, one fan slammed: "I hated the Lannister incest scenes and I hate these too lol [sic]."

A second wrote: "like i genuinely can't see how y'all shipping daemon and rhaenyra. like besides the incest, that man watched her grow up [sic]."

A third described the whole thing as disgusting, adding: "i am aware of targaryen customs and fire and blood backstory but, this whole rhaenyra and daemon thing is disgusting i really cant stand i [sic]."

Viewers were weirded out by the incestuous scene, it's safe to say.

Other viewers, meanwhile, took umbrage with the fact that the pair consummated their relationship so soon after their respective spouses died.

"Yeah no f**k that this relationship between daemon and Rhaenyra sucks a*s," slammed another viewer. "They can't even wait a f**king day after his wife's funeral to start sucking face and giving each other f**k me eyes it's disgusting [sic]."

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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