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How did Dora the Explorer die TikTok leaves people shocked

How did Dora the Explorer die TikTok leaves people shocked

Dora the Explorer was a huge part of many of our childhoods, but the loveable character has had people asking how she died

When you think of Dora The Explorer, chances are you think of sweetness and light, not doom and gloom.

TikTok can be a weird place, from asking how long short people live for to now asking how a fictional child dies.

The newest trend has seen people asking how Dora the Explorer died.

How did Dora die?

Before you panic and blame us for ruining your childhood: No, Dora didn't die.

The challenge asks users to google 'How did Dora die' before filming their reaction to the response, with some users also lip-synching and dancing to the background music.

Oddly, people have been receiving different results when they search, with a series of increasingly weird and worrying suggestions of ways the young explorer is meant to have met her demise.

One of the most common TikTok videos sees people reacting to claims that Dora hit her head on a rock in the water and drowned.

Other shocking theories include Boots the monkey pushing Dora into quicksand.

Some other grisly choices include Dora being knocked into a river by Swiper and drowning, and Dora disintegrating after a lightning bolt strike.

In the film based on the series, Dora has a successful trip and it has a happy ending, with her finding the location she has been searching for.

She is helped by her magical backpack and her companion Boots, and they sing their famous song: "We did it".

They then thank the viewers for watching.

The final episode of the TV series featured Dora and her friends taking musical instruments into her school.

No further episodes of the show have been made, although there are regular reruns.

The series ran from 2000 to 2019, with 178 episodes in total.

Needless to say, there are no grisly deaths in the TV show aimed at 5-year-olds.

This is just TikTok being weird.

Someone has gone as far to make an animation of Dora being hit by a car.

That's enough internet access for them.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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