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How much money does Abbie Chatfield make from social media posts?

How much money does Abbie Chatfield make from social media posts?

She's one of Australia's biggest social media influencers and she can get hundreds of dollars for a simple post.

Abbie Chatfield's celebrity status has skyrocketed over the years to being one of Australia’s most popular media personalities.

Following her run on The Bachelor Australia, the 27-year-old has continued to cement her place as an Australian household name, appearing on Bachelor In Paradise and I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 

As well as her time as a contestant on the silver screen, Chatfield has gone on to judge The Masked Singer Australia, whilst also hosting Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield on the Hit Network and her podcast It’s a Lot

Chatfield, who has amassed more than 413,000 followers on Instagram, uses her platform to openly advocate for all things sex positivity, mental health, feminism and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Recently, Chatfield turned to her Instagram stories in a Q&A to discuss the inner workings of her job as an influencer, revealing how she earns an income, and hinting at how much money she actually makes. 

The beloved media personality explained that she pocketed $10,000 in total from her 2019 Bachelor season featuring Matt Agnew.

But she was only allowed to start earning money from her growing Instagram fame three months after the show aired.

She said she had that clause removed from her contract the second time around with Bachelor in Paradise.

However, Chatfield explained to her followers that the money she and other influencers make is less dependent on their following and more based on their online persona and their capacity to reasonably align themselves with a brand.

“For example, if you have [fitness influencer] Steph Claire Smith promoting your activewear brand,” said Chatfield.

“That would do much better than someone even with double her followers who is a... I don't know... a comedian, right?”

Chatfield’s work with brands such as Canesten and Vush are therefore an ideal combination according to the influencer, as her willingness to openly and regularly discuss vaginal and sexual health meant she was perfect to promote their products.

“There aren't many people with the followers that I have in Australia, that are also in mainstream media that are going to want to talk about thrush over and over again… And with me, I also have to do media interviews all the time.

"So, I need to be comfortable talking about thrush to TV Week or whatever in order to get that brand deal. So I was kind of the only person that really aligned all those Venn diagrams.”

The Hub says the influencer can charge as much as $1,988 for posting ads or sponsored content on her Instagram page.

Chatfield even revealed on the Mammamia No Filter podcast that her collaboration with Vush allowed her to purchase a $1.45 million property in the Byron Bay Hinterlands.

As of 2022, Abbie Chatfield has an estimated net worth of $1-2 million, according to HAQ Express News.

Featured Image Credit: Abbie Chatfield/Instagram

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