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Hugh Jackman's 6,000 calorie Wolverine diet is insane

Hugh Jackman's 6,000 calorie Wolverine diet is insane

The actor has revealed what he eats in order to bulk up and transform into Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has revealed what exactly goes into his 6,000 calorie bulking diet as he prepares to get into character for his jacked-up - pardon the pun - Wolverine character.

The Aussie actor took to Twitter today (6 March) to share with fans exactly what he consumes to get in shape for the role.

Jackman thanked his personal chef for keeping him 'properly fed' as he prepares to put on the claws for the upcoming Deadpool 3 film.

Jackman tweeted: "Bulking. A day in the life," attaching two photos showing six separate containers of food.

All six boxes of food were labelled and one of the lowest calorie counts belongs to the 'chicken burger with sweet potatoes' which was labelled as 1,000 calories alone.

There were two boxes of this particular meal which brings the total calorie count so far to 2,000.

Bear in mind that the average male is advised to consume 2,500 in an entire day, according to the NHS, and that single meal nearly meets half of that calorie count.

Coming up next is the 'grass-fed top sirloin with noodles' which has been labelled as 1,100 calories which also has two portions leading the total to a now staggering 4,200 calories.

Hugh Jackman's 6,000 calorie Wolverine diet is insane, to say the least.
20th Century Studios

One of the heftier contenders was the 'black bass with veggie rice and herb sauce' which has added on an extra 2,000 calories to Jackman's daily intake which now stands at a whopping 6,200.

That's almost the calorie count that the average man should consume over the course of three whole days.

And that's not even everything yet.

The meal that weighed in with the most amount of calories was the 'Patagonia salmon' served alongside 'potatoes and hot sauce' - amassing a huge 2,1000 calories.

The six meals - or banquet - in question topped over a massive 8,300 calories.

Jackman concluded the tweet saying: "Thank you Chef Mario for helping me stay healthy and properly fed whilst ... Becoming. Wolverine. Again."

The food labels on the Twitter photo amounted to over 8,000 calories.

While we don't know if the food was all to be eaten in a single day or if it was just a photo of some very organised meal prep, Jackman has previously admitted to consuming 'about 6,000 calories' per day.

Speaking on The Late Show to host Stephen Colbert, the A-lister revealed: "It's 6,000 calories, it's about 6,000 calories a day.

"I think right now I'm building, like about 4,500, 5,000 calories."

The star went on to add: "So, my trainer said I need to know what I'm working with here, because I'm trying to bulk up, so I burn 1,500 calories on a program, eight times a week."

Sounds pretty relentless.

Clearly making the costume department's job a whole lot more trying, Jackman also admitting to tearing about his clothing due to bulking diet.

He told Colbert that he's 'split [his] pants three times' as a result of the incredible body transformation from his hours spent in the gym.

Jackman revealed he eats 'about 6,000 calories' a day.

Jackman is set to join the star-studded cast amongst the likes of Ryan Reynolds, TJ Miller and Tom Hiddleston in the third instalment of the Deadpool franchise.

After over two decades of playing the iconic Marvel role, it's clear that there will be no issues with the actor once again returning as the jacked-up character we all know and love.

The two-year countdown is well underway for the upcoming Marvel film, Deadpool 3, which is set to be released to cinemas for 6 September, 2024.

Until then - no Patagonian salmon is safe.

Featured Image Credit: @thehughjackman/Instagram

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